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elding Journal 78(3):


Instructions and Suggestions for Preparation of Feature Articles


  • approximately 1500–3500 words in length

  • submit hard copy

  • submissions via disk or electronic transmission — preferred

format is Mac but common PC files are also acceptable

  • acceptable disks include floppy, zip, and CD.


  • include a title

  • include a subtitle or “blurb” highlighting major point or idea

  • include all author names, titles, affiliations, geographic


  • separate paper into sections with headings


  • glossy prints, slides, or transparencies are acceptable

  • black and white and color photos must be scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi

  • line art should be scanned at 1000 dpi

  • photos must include a description of action/object/person and relevance for use as a caption

  • prints must be a minimum size of 4 in. x 6 in., making certain the photo is sharp

  • do not embed the figures or photos in the text

  • acceptable electronic format for photos and figures are EPS, JPEG, and TIFF. TIFF format is preferred.


  • illustrations should accompany article

  • drawings, tables, and graphs should be legible for

reproduction and labeled with captions

  • references/bibliography should be included at the end of the


Editorial Deadline

  • January issue deadline is November 18

  • February issue deadline is December 18

  • March issue deadline is January 18

  • April issue deadline is February 17

  • May issue deadline is March 20

  • June issue deadline is April 19

  • July issue deadline is May 17

  • August issue deadline is June 19

  • September issue deadline is July 19

  • October issue deadline is August 18

  • November issue deadline is September 18

  • December issue deadline is October 17

Suggested topics for articles

  • case studies, specific projects

  • new procedures, “how to”

  • applied technology

Mail to: Andrew Cullison Editor, Welding Journal 550 NW LeJeune Road Miami, FL 33126 (305) 443-9353, x 249; FAX (305) 443-7404 cullison@aws.org

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