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Special Report... The Delta Phenomenon

Although there are clear discrepancies between the predicted path and the actual results, the overall depiction is reasonably similar.

At 90-years of age, Marechal died without ever revealing how he was able to calculate market movements with such uncanny accuracy. It appeared his forecasting method would be lost forever.

Fast forward to 1983.

A young commodity trader by the name of Jim Sloman discovered what seemed to be a hidden order in the markets.

He called it DELTA... derived from the Greek word meaning “door.” A door to the unknown.

He likened his method to a laser being shown through a holographic negative. When normal light is shown through the negative you see mass confusion. But, when a laser is used, the chaos is replaced with a clear three-dimensional picture.

Did Sloman re-discover what Marechal had taken to the grave?

In the same year, Sloman sold the DELTA method to Welles Wilder, the author and creator of many popular technical chart indicators, like the relative strength index.

Wilder took the DELTA method, updated it by computerizing it and began selling memberships to THE DELTA SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL for $35,000.

Yes. You read that right… $35,000!

As a member, you were entrusted with the DELTA secret -- never to be revealed to anyone.

In 1990, one of the DELTA members breached the trust of the group and began selling a book promising to divulge “the most important discovery ever made about the markets.”

Wilder quickly conferred with his attorneys and a plan was set in motion.

Wilder decided to publish The Delta Phenomenongiving 75 percent of the profits to THE DELTA SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL members.

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