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Trading Card Development Connecticut Department of Transportation Division of Research, James Sime, Manager of Research Template developed by: Eric Feldblum and Erika Smith E-mail: james.sime@po.state.ct.us or phone (860) 258-0309

The baseball card size is 3.5”x 2.5”. The color border size is 3.25”x 2.25”. The picture should be inserted with maximum dimensions of 3”x 2”.

The front of the card is developed in Adobe Photoshop. The back of the card is developed in Microsoft Publisher, but saved as a pdf file before sending it to the printer. Different printers may have different requirements for saving the files. Check with your local printer before finalizing the documents. Color: The color of the border and title shape can be anything. Double click on the layer and the Photoshop color palette appears. Choose the desired color. Title Block: The title block can be made into any shape and placed anywhere on the front of the card. A basic shape can be chosen and then modified, using the Edit/ Transform option. The letter size and font can also be changed. DOT symbol: The symbol can be moved to wherever it fits best with the picture. The size of it can also be modified by using Edit/ Transform with the scale locked. Picture: To insert a picture, use File/ Open to select the picture desired. Once in Adobe Photoshop, select Image/ Image size and set your picture to maximum dimensions of 3”x 2”. Also the resolution must be set to 300 pixels/inch. Then choose Select/ All and Edit/ Copy. Then click on the baseball card file and select Edit/ Paste. Back of Card: The back is created in Microsoft Publisher in greyscale. The words should be written like stats are written for a baseball cards. Diagrams or pictures can be inserted as well if desired.

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