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The Misadventures of Me and My Family Tree

Margaret Ann thought I was clowning. As I dance on the end of a live wire, Margaret Ann sits there enjoying the show laughing herself silly. I finally managed to dance my way into the Quonset hut and pull the plug. I never used that infernal machine again.



I survived my shocking experience just fine, and everything was going good until the joints in my fingers began to bother me. It started out with the end joints of all my fingers on both hands feeling as if they were separating. It was very painful. This was soon followed by the next to the end joints feeling as if they were also separating. This painful separation feeling continued working its way up my arm. It got so bad that I couldn t even open my car door without help. Even after I made it into the car, steering it was extremely painful. I had it in my head that this was a temporary thing that I could work my way through. My supervisor decided differently for me however. He sent me out to one of our airplanes to remove a large wing panel. Normally this would have been a piece of cake, but the pain was too great and I asked him to reassign me until I could work my way through this mysterious malady. He said that if I couldn t complete the assignment that I should report to sick bay. I had no choice, I reported to sick bay. The doctor at sick bay sent me to Tripler Army Hospital. The preliminary diagnosis was rheumatoid arthritis. They also seemed to think it might be rheumatic fever. Whatever it was, if tests would cure it, I was in good hands. They ran all kinds of tests on me. They x­rayed my hands and my lungs, and had me taking penicillin, just in case something was infected. While I was on penicillin, they started me out a series of allergy test. Apparently I was allergic to something in one of the test because I broke out with a bad case of hives. This scared the hell

out of them, so they issued a stop order for both the allergy

possible allergy to penicilli

on my chart and warned me

that it could kill me.

They also did some blood work on me

test and the penicillin. They entered never to take penicillin again saying and had me logging my liquid intake

and outflow. Still puzzled they put me under the knife

right hand evaluation.

collar bone.

They flew the lymph node


Lab Technicians at



and removed the lymph node near my to the Oakland Medical Hospital for my node in gelatin. Then they sliced it

into tiny Oakland was sort

slices and examined the slices under a microscope.

The diagnosis that came back from


ompatible with Boec

s Sarcoidosis.

They explained to me that this disease

of like tuberculosis in that it is a respiratory ailment that hides in the lungs and strikes

other parts of the body. Since that for me and each of them describe it was trying to explain to me.

time, several other a bit differently so

doctors have defined Boec I content myself with what

s Sarcoidosis the first doctor

In any case, I was enjoying my 15 minutes wheeled me to the hospital auditorium where I

of fame. They was positioned

put me in a wheel chair next to the podium.

and The

auditorium was packed podium and introduced

with white coated doctors. One himself and me to the audience.

of the doctors then walked up He then gave a lengthily talk

to the about

Boec There

s Sarcoidosis and then asked the were none for the moment that

audience if there were any questions. is. I was then wheeled back to my

There were none. bed where I was

questioned and poked by doctors for the next several hours. seemed satisfied until he managed to poke or squeeze some their feel, they step aside and make room for another doctor.

As part

they crowded around me, none of my anatomy. Once they got



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