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The second component reflects the seminar’s aim to combine theoretical debate with empirical material. Each week after Week 2, seminar participants will consider a small press portfolio of a recent international event that highlights (or might be expected to highlight) the theoretical dynamics or the activities of the IO studied in that week. The portfolio should contain about five news articles from different sources covering the same event. Each seminar participant will be responsible for assembling one of these portfolios and introducing it to the class, explaining both the choice of event and the choice of sources. Seminar participants will be asked to commit to which week they will be responsible for in Week 1.

Short Theoretical Paper. Seminar participants must submit one 6-page paper responding to the readings of one of the Weeks 2-8. The paper should refer to the question noted above that week’s readings and highlight both commonalities and differences among the readings. It should also reflect critically on the strengths and weaknesses of this approach to international organisations. These papers are due in class on the day the readings are being discussed. Students will be asked to commit to which week they will write the paper for in Week 1. You do not have to do the reading comments in the week you are doing the short paper.

Research Paper (for MAs) or Mock Comp Exam (for PhDs) For MA students, this course is intended to offer an opportunity for independent research about an intergovernmental organisation or regime of your choice. Students may choose to explore areas of potential interest for their MA theses. Research papers should be 20-25 pages long, clearly pose a theoretically interesting research question, and provide an argument about the answer to this question based on empirical research. Students should discuss their intended research topic with me by Week 11.

For Ph.D. students, this course is intended (among other objectives!) as preparation for the International Organisation/Global Governance section of the comprehensive exams. Ph.D. students will therefore write an abbreviated mock comp exam instead of a research paper.

The research paper is due at 9 am on Wednesday 16 April, and the mock comp will be scheduled for the same day and time.

Grades for seminar participants will be based on the following:

Reading Comments10%


Short Paper20%

Research Paper/Comp Exam40%

The Late Penalty for assignments is 3 points per 24 hour span after the due date. Reading comments will not be accepted after the due date.

Course Materials:

Many of the readings assigned for this seminar are available through UBC’s E-journal collection. I have marked these with a (*). Readings marked (R) are not available electronically and can be found in the readings folder in the Graduate Reading Room. Readings marked (K) are book chapters that I cannot make available as photocopies for copyright reasons. The books they come from are on reserve in Koerner library. Please do not inconvenience your fellow students by

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