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those that are gathered unto him" (Isaiah 56:6-8).

1Diaspora is where Jews live outside the Land of Israel.

2This number is an approximation based on tradition expressed in many places.

3This number (127) is an allusion to the life (Hebrew, lives) of Sarah, the mother of he faithful and the beginning of the Jewish nation, Sarah was also to be "a mother of nations".

4From this ingathering of the Gentiles has the Church misappropriated to itself the parallel concept of rapture, which instead of bringing Gentiles into Israel, reverses the direction into a split from, or abandonment of Israel.

5This term is found in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. The "Synagogue of Satan" consists of people who say they are Jews (i.e. "spiritual Israel" or "spiritual Jews"), and are not. Therefore, the ONLY people who cannot make up this synagogue (Greek, ecclesia - called out ones) are genuine Jews. For when they say, that they are Jews they speak the truth. This "Synagogue of Satan" refers to the Gentile Christian Church, whose tenets include "Replacement Theology," that is, the church has now replaced Israel as the people of God, They claim to be Jews (in some vague spiritual sense) but they lie, for they are Gentiles in theology and practice, and desire to remain Gentiles. Only the Ger Tzaddik becomes a Jew and only he can rightly claim to be Jewish.

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