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Activity 1

Johnny’s Airport Adventure (A role-playing activity for students in grades K–4)

Before starting:

  • 1.

    Choose volunteers to be Johnn , mom, dad, pilot, flight attendant, grandma, and grandpa.

  • 2.

    Hand out props as follows: dad = tie and tickets, mom = purse and necklace, flight attendant = namebadge, pilot = namebadge and sticker wings, grandma = glasses, Johnny = playing cards and backpack.

  • 3.

    Arrange about four to six chairs to represent the inside of an airplane. Do not forget a chair for the pilot in the cockpit!

  • 4.

    Set up a map of the United States.

Scene 1 Johnny and his parents are getting ready to take a trip on an airplane to sunny San Diego, Califor- nia. Johnny’s grandparents live there and he can’t wait to see them. His dog Bandit is coming too. This will be Johnny and Bandit’s first airplane ride and they are very excited. Johnny looks with Bandit to find California on a map of the United States. It is very far away from their home in Cleveland, Ohio.

Scene 2 “Time to go,” says Mom. Johnny helps Bandit into his crate. He makes sure he has plenty of food and water for the long trip. Dad carries Bandit to the car and puts him on the seat next to Johnny for the ride to the airport.

Scene 3 They arrive at the airport terminal and check their baggage inside and receive their boarding passes. The airline workers will make sure each of their suitcases is placed on the plane flying to San Diego, California. “But what about Bandit?” cries Johnny, “Why can’t he ride next to me in the airplane?” The baggage handler tells Johnny, “Bandit is not allowed in the plane with the passen- gers. He gets to ride in a special place in the bottom of the plane with all the other animals. We will take good care of him. Don’t worry!” He pats Johnny on the back.

Scene 4 Johnny and his parents walk through the large metal detectors for security. There are many people there. “This terminal is a very busy place,” says Johnny as he holds tightly onto his mother’s hand. Dad looks for a place to sit and relax while waiting to board the airplane. Johnny runs to the seats by the window to see if he can spot Bandit’s crate being loaded onto the airplane.

Scene 5 Soon the flight attendant announces, “We will now begin boarding flight 326 to San Diego.” Johnny picks up his backpack and lines up to get on the airplane. The pilot meets Johnny as he walks onto the plane. He gives Johnny a pilot’s wing sticker and lets him peek into the cockpit. “Can I have another sticker for my dog?” asks Johnny. “He is riding on the plane too.”



Johnny’s Airport Adventure

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