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Activity 1

Scene 6 Inside the plane, Johnny and his parents find their seats. They watch the flight attendant demon- strate how to buckle their seat belts. Johnny sits by the window so he can see the beautiful view from the airplane. He can see the workers on the tarmac as they load baggage onto the plane. Johnny’s dad points out the airplane’s wing and engine. “Where is Bandit, Dad? asks Johnny, I don’t see him.” “Don’t worry, Johnny! I am sure he is just fine and already on the plane,” replies Dad. “But I don’t see his crate. What if they forgot to put him on the plane?” cries Johnny. Dad explains to Johnny that there are tags on the crate that show the workers where Bandit is going. He reassures him that Bandit is probably already on the plane.

Scene 7 VROOM! The plane starts its engines and begins moving down the taxiway toward the runway to take off. Johnny says, “This is fun.” Suddenly, as the plane climbs up into the sky he begins to feel pressure in his ears. Johnny’s mom gives him some gum to chew. This helps his ear to “pop” and feel better.

Scene 8 Johnny watches out the window as the buildings and cars keep getting smaller and smaller. He can see the NASA sign on the hangar below. “Look, Dad, there is the NASA hangar!” yells Johnny. “Do you remember what NASA stands for?” asks his dad. “NASA is the name of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. That is where Mom works to improve airplane engines.” says Dad. The flight attendant begins to serve snacks and drinks to the passengers. Johnny pulls down his tray from the back of the seat in front of him to get ready for his snack.

Scene 9 After the snack, the pilot announces over the loud speaker that the flight will take about 4 hours. He still can’t stop thinking about Bandit. He wonders if he is eating his food too. Johnny decides to play cards with his dad to pass the time.

Scene 10 Soon the pilot announces that they are flying over San Diego. He lowers the plane’s landing gear. Johnny can see the city below from his window seat. After landing, his dad points out the tall control tower by the terminal. “What is that?” asks Johnny. “That is where the air traffic control- lers talk to the pilots and give them instructions,” replies Dad.

Scene 11 As they walk off the plane, Johnny sees his grandma and grandpa waiting for him in the terminal. He runs to give them a great big hug. They ask him about his airport adventure. “I had so much fun,” says Johnny, “But where is Bandit?” “I’ll bet he is waiting for us downstairs in the terminal,” explains Grandpa, “Let’s go pick him up!”

Johnny’s Airport Adventure



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