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ProGuard PC Standard Temperature Safety Coated Fluorescent Lamps

Warranty Fluorescent Safety Coated Lamps EncapSulite® International’s ProGuard PC fluorescent safety coating is guaranteed for one year from the date of sale. EncapSulite® will refund the prorated purchase price adjusted to the invoice subject to the following conditions. ProGuard PC fluorescent safety coated lamps must be used in open fixtures only. Not for use in enclosed fixtures, vapor tight, waterproof or IP65 troffers.

  • The lamps must be used in ambient temperatures below 135° F.

  • The ProGuard safety coating is not for use with T5HO lamps.

  • The ProGuard safety coating is not for use with T8 lamps with a rated life in excess of 24,000 hours. ProGuard coated lamps must not be used with defective ballasts or fixtures with defective wiring.

  • ProGuard safety coated lamps must be used with low or normal power factor ballasts.

  • ProGuard safety coated lamps must not be used high power factor ballasts.

  • ProGuard lamps must be used with lampholders that provide adequate contact.

  • ProGuard lamps must be used with the proper type of ballast to match the lamp type.

  • The warranty does not cover lamps used with motion-sensor systems or dimming ballasts.

  • EncapSulite® International reserves the right to inspect the site where a lamp safety coating failed.

  • This warranty does not apply if the merchandise has been damaged by accident, misuse, application beyond that stated. No other warranty is expressed or implied. EncapSulite® International is not liable for consequential damage or costs.

Acceptable cleaning agents for safety coated fluorescent lamps: Mild soap or detergent and warm wate , using a soft cloth or sponge. Contact EncapSulite® for a (PROHIBITED CHEMICAL LIST).


  • Factories

  • Hospitals

  • Schools

  • Kitchens

  • Cafeterias

  • Construction Sites

  • Mining

  • Car Lots

  • Drop Lights

  • Architectural Lighting

  • Deli Cases

  • Food Warmers

• Hotel and Motel

and Freezers


• Gymnasiums

  • Parking Lots

  • Warehouse

  • Pharmaceutical


  • Elevators

  • Signs and Marquees

  • Food Processing Plants

  • Poultry

  • Animal Brooding Areas

  • Amusement Parks

  • Beverage Industry

  • Supermarkets

  • Convenience Stores

  • Inspection Areas

  • Coolers, Refrigerators

  • Waste Treatment Plants

  • Semiconductor/Printed


This catalog supersedes all previous catalogs dated prior to February 1, 2008. Specifications and warranties are subject to change without prior notice.

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