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Need more money for a school

or community project? Hundreds of schools, colleges and community groups are already raising much needed income by organising an exciting fireworks display every year.

The opportunity is at your school NOW – because you already have a captive audience. Don’t worry about larger competing public displays, friends of the school will usually support yours.

Although November is the traditional time for fireworks – why not think about a summer proms concert? This could simply be a grand finale for a summer ball, or a picnic-style event.

How is it done? Here are some FAQs and helpful hints from the team at Britain’s No 1 Fireworks Company Jubilee Fireworks

Our Display Team in Action

Why is it fun?

Because fireworks are still exciting

great family entertainment – and a real attraction. Noise might be a consideration with some smaller children, but these days its possible to tailor a low-noise display to suit. Fireworks displays are real community events

  • fun for the audience and the firing team!

Keeping our traditions alive

Remember, remember – the 5th of November. Its still a great British tradition, so why not build a bonfire if you have the space, hold a ‘best guy’ competition, sell toffee apples, and teach the history of the Gunpowder Plot. There’s more information on our website to help you get the best out of your event.

How much money can be made?

You will want to make a good profit, which will depend on the attendance and how much you charge. If you sell food, drink and other fund-raising items, it isn’t difficult to make a healthy profit. But remember to charge a realistic entry fee at the gate. £15 for a family of four is good value these days. Take a look at our website www.jubileefireworks.biz for a handy ‘profit calculator’

Is it safe?

Like everything in life, fireworks have their own particular dangers and need to be handled carefully – but if you follow some simple rules, there is no need to worry. You will need adequate space too. That’s where our training courses and site visits can make a real difference.

DIY or professional?

Its not easy to find a professional company who can provide a show on the key November dates – but its not usually a problem ‘out of season’. Our minimum budget for a pro-show is around £650 in the summer and £2500 around 5th November. Why not consider a DIY option – its no great effort these days with our new range of single ignition fireworks, which take the stress out of setting up a show.

How much will it cost?

Most schools, colleges and community groups spend between £500 and £1500 on a DIY display. We offer a superb range of display packs to meet any budget, backed up with all the advice you need to make your event a great success.

Call us now on 01384 402255 to request a brochure, or simply go on-line to see our latest range of fantastic fireworks.

What about insurance?

Schools are often covered by their own general policy – but do check. We may be able to help if you have problems. All professional displays are comprehensively insured by us.

All fired up?

Call us now on 01384 402255 to request a brochure - or just an informal chat. You can also go on-line to view our latest range of fantastic fireworks.

www.jubileefireworks.biz mail@jubileefireworks.co.uk

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