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Connecticut Technical High School System

Modern American History 6/28/11

Unit 1: Industrialization, Urbanization and Reform (1890-1920)

Goal: Students will DEMONSTRATE an understanding of the significance and impact of industrialization and urbanization on the early 20th Century.

Big Ideas:  

The new inventions and technologies during the early 20th Century affected peoples’ lives.

Immigrants, African Americans, labor and industrialists played a significant role in the industrialization and urbanization of the United States.

Industrialization and urbanization helped transform the United States into a global economic power.

Immigration increased dramatically in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. These immigrants were very different from immigrant groups of the past. These differences added to the cultural diversity of the country but were not always received with acceptance.

Increased immigration was one component of the new urbanization. This rapid growth of cities was one factor that gave rise to the progressive movement.

The growth of industry, inventions, and new means of production were key components of the second industrial revolution.

The Progressive Movement attempted to address the problems (industrial capitalism, political corruption and immigration) caused by industrialization and urbanization. Progressives were a varied group of reformers, each with its own goals.  Reforms focused on different political, social, economic, business, and moral goals.

Discrimination based on gender, class, race, and ethnicity existed throughout the period. The Progressives and other individuals had varying degrees of success in combating discrimination.

Essential Questions:

How did the changes and innovations affect peoples’ lives?

What problems were created by industrialization?

How did industrialization and urbanization change American society?

What are the conditions that create social reform? Does reform always promote progress?

What role did immigrants, African Americans and labor play in the industrialization and urbanization of America?

How did American society discriminate against minorities?

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

As evidenced by oral, written, and/or performance:

(H) Honors: Honors students will complete assignments during the trade cycle.

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