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Turk J Zool 29 (2005) 229-236 © TÜB‹TAK

The Oligochaeta (Annelida) Fauna of Aksu Stream (Antalya)*

Soner ÇAPRAZ, Naime ARSLAN Osmangazi University, Science and Arts Faculty, Biology Department, 26480, Meflelik, Eskiflehir - TURKEY

Received: 02.07.2004

Abstract: The samples were collected from 10 stations from September 2002 to October 2003 with the purpose of determining the Oligochaete fauna of Aksu Stream (Antalya). Seventeen species of Oligochaeta were recorded, consisting of 7 species from the family Tubificidae, and 10 species from Naididae. All of them are reported from Aksu Stream for the first time.

Key Words: Oligochaeta, Aksu Stream, Turkey.

Aksu Çay› (Antalya) Oligochaeta (Annelida) Faunas›

Özet: Aksu Çay› (Antalya) Oligochaeta Faunas›n›n araflt›r›lmas› amac›yla 10 istasyondan, Eylül 2002 - Ekim 2003 tarihleri aras›nda örnekler toplanm›fl ve incelenmifltir. Örneklerin incelenmesi sonucunda, yedi Tubificid ve on Naidid türü olmak olmak üzere toplam onyedi Oligochaeta türü saptanm›flt›r. Tespit edilen türlerin hepsi Aksu Çay›’ndan ilk defa bildirilmektedir.

Anahtar Sözcükler: Oligochaeta, Aksu Çay›, Türkiye.


Oligochaetes, a subclass of the class Clitellata, of the phylum Annelida, have a worldwide distribution. They have species adapted to every kind of water (brackish water, fresh water or salt water) (Wetzel et al., 2000). Turkey is a country rich in terms of its aquatic ecosystems and water sources, owing to its geomorphological structure. Presently, these assets are in danger. It is necessary to determine the biological richness, especially with regards to benthic fauna, to increase the utilization of products obtained from inland water sources.

Oligochaeta species are one of the most important groups freshwater and are important food sources for some invertebrate animals and fishes. In addition, using most of the aquatic Oligochaeta species, especially species belonging to the family Naididae and Tubificidae, as bioindicator organisms is quite common (Brinkhurst and Jamieson, 1971; Kazanc› and Girgin, 1998; Brinkhurst and Gelder, 1991). However, studies on the Oligochaete fauna in Turkey are not sufficient at present and there were no previous detailed studies related to the

Oligochaete fauna of Aksu Stream, which is one of the major streams near Antalya.

In recent years, very fast urbanization has been occurring in the study area, especially around Aksu Delta. The objective of the present study was to examine the Oligochaeta fauna and the distribution of Oligochaeta in Aksu Stream.

Materials and methods

In this study, 1156 specimens of aquatic Oligochaeta were collected at 10 stations along Aksu Stream (Figure 1) from September 2002 to October 2003. Samples were preserved in 4% formalin in the field. The collected materials were washed with water in sieves with different mesh sizes, then brought to the laboratory, sorted under a binocular microscope and transferred to 70% ethyl alcohol. Samples were examined by preparing temporary or permanent preparations. Temporary preparations were made with Amman’s Lactophenol while permanent preparations were made with polyvinyl lactophenol or

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    Based on the MSc thesis of Soner Çapraz, completed in 2003 and supervised by Naime Arslan.


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