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The Oligochaeta (Annelida) Fauna of Aksu Stream (Antalya)* - page 8 / 8





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The Oligochaeta (Annelida) Fauna of Aksu Stream (Antalya)

station 1. Timm (1970) found the species in brackish water with salinity less than 7%o, also in open water and even in the profundal zone. To, Stylaria lacustris has been recorded from various water bodies, and in brackish waters (e.g. Timm, 1970; Dumnicka, 1978; Davis, 1982). It is known that this species can tolerate low temperatures (to –8 °C) and high NaCl concentrations in water (Chekanovskaya, 1962; Verdonschot, 1987, respectively). The greatest number of Stylaria lacustris samples was collected at station 1, from sandy substrates, followed by station 6.

It is known that most Naidid species are intolerant of saline conditions; however, Learner and Edwards (1963) found that Nais variabilis and Nais communis were unlikely to tolerate a salt concentration much greater than about 0.5% (3000 mg Cl-1). These 2 species were also determined in Aksu Stream Delta and this knowledge is consistent with our findings.

Species with the widest distribution at the 10 sampling sites among the 17 Oligochaeta species are; T. tubifex (at 6 sites), Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri (at 3 sites), Nais pardalis (at 4 sites), N. variabilis (at 3 sites) and Pristinella jenkinae (at 3 sites) belonging to the family Naididae (Table).


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The family Tubificidae and several of its genera (e.g., Tubifex and Limnodrilus) are considered cosmopolitan species (Wetzel et al., 2000). Tubifex tubifex and Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri were recorded as the most abundant Oligochaeta species at stations 3 and 9, respectively.

Most naidids species are also cosmopolitan, occurring throughout the world (Wetzel et al., 2000) and they have clearly adapted to a wide range of environmental conditions (Brinkhurst and Jamieson, 1971). Although Nais pardalis showed the widest distribution at the 10 sampling site among the 10 Naididae species determined (Table), its abundance was not high. However, N. variabilis was determined at 3 sampling sites in our research area but its abundance was higher than that of N. pardalis. Davis (1982) reported N. variabilis in brackish water, and we determined this species at Aksu Stream Delta. Our findings support this knowledge.

Pristinella jenkinae was reported as eurytopic and eurythermal species by Pascar-Gluzman and Dimentman (1984). This species was found in our research area at 3 sites including Aksu Stream Delta (Table), but its abundance was not high, like N. variabilis.

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