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New York City Transit Hybrid and CNG Transit Buses: Interim Evaluation Results - page 28 / 64





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Miles Between Roadcalls (MBRC)

10,000 9,000 8,000 7,000 6,000 5,000 4,000 3,000 2,000

1,000 0


Feb-04 May-04


Nov-04 Feb-05 May-05

Gleason Total MBRC West Farms Total MBRC

Gleason Propulsion MBRC West Farms Propulsion MBRC

Figure 9. CNG Bus Fleet Cumulative Average MBRC

Hybrid Buses NYCT started operating prototype diesel hybrid buses from Orion and BAE Systems in 1998 with the first of 10 prototype buses. This prototype operation led to a large purchase of hybrid buses to solidify commitment from NYCT and the manufacturers (Orion and BAE Systems). The new orders of 125 hybrid buses and 200 hybrid buses have now been delivered to NYCT. The order of 125 hybrid buses has been split between two NYCT operating depots—Mother Clara Hale and Queens Village. The order of 200 hybrid buses has been split between another two NYCT operating depots—Fresh Pond and Manhattanville (operating location for the original 10 prototype hybrid buses).

The delivery of the hybrid buses was delayed due to the acceptance of the CNG bus order (mostly for issues with NYCT purchasing a new platform vehicle, the Orion VII). The hybrid bus order of 125 buses was placed into service from March 2004 through December 2004. The first new hybrid bus was placed into service at Mother Clara Hale Depot in March 2004 and the first new hybrid bus was placed into service at Queens Village Depot in November 2004.

Figure 10 shows total mileage accumulation at these two hybrid bus depots and a total. At the end of May 2005, the hybrid fleet had reached 2.6 million miles of operation. Figure 11 shows average monthly mileage per hybrid bus at the two hybrid depots. This figure shows that the hybrid buses were placed into service quickly and came up to the average usage of 2,400 miles per month for Mother Clara Hale and approximately 3,000 miles per month for Queens Village.


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