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Evaluation Results

In any evaluation, a starting point must be chosen. In the DOE/NREL evaluations, this starting point is typically called a “clean point.” The clean point is chosen to avoid some of the early and expected operations problems with a new vehicle going into service, such as early warranty maintenance campaigns. In some cases, the clean point may require three to six months of operation before the evaluation can start.

October 1, 2004 has been used as the start date for the evaluation at West Farms and Mother Clara Hale depots; however, this is not a clean point. As mentioned earlier, Orion has agreed to a significant campaign of the entire Orion VII fleet at NYCT (hybrid and CNG) to be completed at the end of 2005. The entire evaluation of the hybrid order of 125 and the CNG buses will be complete before that major campaign will be complete. The results and impact of this campaign is intended to be captured during the evaluation of the order of 200 hybrid buses.

This report provides results from an eight-month evaluation period for the CNG and hybrid buses that ended in May 2005. The evaluation of the CNG and first order of hybrid buses will be complete when data through September 30, 2005, is collected, evaluated, and published in a later report. The start date was chosen to remove a fueling data collection problem at the fueling stations at both depots during the summer of 2004. The two study groups of older diesel baseline buses were evaluated during a 12-month period of June 1, 2004 to May 31, 2005. The diesel buses were being transferred out of the two study depots due to the addition of the new CNG and hybrid buses, so the evaluation period of the diesel baselines was selected to start a little earlier than the two study bus groups (CNG and hybrid).

Route Descriptions

Day of Week



Avg. Speed

Weekday Saturday Sunday Total

18,825.29 15,416.50 12,947.86 122,490.81

2,939.1 2,359.2 1,869.3 18,923.7

6.41 6.53 6.93 6.47

Weekday Saturday Sunday Total

18,522.74 14,902.57 12,499.17 120,015.44

2,962.4 2,319.1 1,832.2 18,963.3

6.25 6.43 6.82 6.33

West Farms Depot operates 40-foot buses on 11 to 13 Bronx routes. Buses at West Farms are randomly dispatched on all routes, and there are no route assignment restrictions for the CNG buses. As shown in Table 5, bus operations from West Farms for 40-foot standard buses had an overall average speed of 6.47 mph in 2004 and 6.33 mph in 2005.

Table 5. Average Speed for All Standard Buses (40-foot) at West Farms




Mother Clara Hale Depot operates 40-foot buses on two Bronx routes and five Manhattan Routes. Buses at the depot are randomly dispatched on all routes, and there are no route


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