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elp with air quality

Arvin Tune In and Tune Up event brought in over 340 vehicles that had an 82% failure rate.

Valley, when concerns about air pollution are heightened. Extensive outreach is conducted via partner organizations including the State of California Bureau of Automotive Repair, San Joaquin Air Pollution Control District, the Advanced Transportation Technology and Energy Initiative and county social service agencies. Events are held at community colleges adjacent to low-income areas in order to avoid perceived barriers to the target audience. The events are held in a fair-type atmosphere, and local service clubs prepare and serve free lunch and refreshments.

The Bureau of Automotive Repair provides Valley CAN with two testing stations that can test approximately 500 cars per event. If the participant fails the smog test they are given a coupon worth up to $500 for emission related repairs at designated smog shops in the area.

Funding from Chevron and Pacific Gas and Electric has enabled Valley CAN to take its program throughout the Val- ley and provide significant assistance in communities that have few existing air quality programs. Valley CAN, with additional funding from a grant awarded to The Maddy Institute by the California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley, is now able to outreach to the smaller rural communities of Arvin, Parlier and Avenal.

Valley CAN held a Tune In and Tune Up in Arvin on July 14, 2007. A grassroots campaign informed the residents of Arvin about the emissions testing event. Valley CAN is grateful for the strong support we received from such local organizations as St. Thomas Catholic Church, Clinica Sierra Vista, Arvin Community Health Center-Arvin Senior Center, Arvin WIC Office, Teen Pregnancy Services, Central Valley, Legislative and Congressional offices, local elected officials, Arvin Chamber of Commerce, Kern County Boy Scouts, American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society.

Air Quality Benefits

  • A typical Tune In & Tune Up event

removes approximately 3,000 tons of car- bon monoxide, 300 tons of hydrocarbons, and 150 tons of oxides of nitrogen from the air in one year.

  • These emissions reductions are among

the least expensive per vehicle of any vehicle repair program attempted in Cali- fornia to date.

  • If the program were expanded to be able

to repair the dirtiest one percent of cars in the Valley, ten tons of air pollutants per day would be removed in one year.

Let’s Clear the Air!

Understanding the facts about our air quality will help us overcome the natural challenges facing the Valley.

–Myth Fact– “Air quality is worse today than it was a generation ago.” Our air is 80% cleaner than it was 25 years ago and it’s getting cleaner every yea .

  • Myth

“Industry creates most of our air pollution.”


Due to strict regulations, industrial emissions have been cut by 80%, making cars and trucks the primary cause of air pollution in the Valley.

  • Myth

“You CAN’T make a difference.”


Everyone CAN make a difference just by taking a few

simple steps:

Bring a lunch to work or “order in” with co-workers

Combine errands into one trip

Don’t top off your gas tank

Use electric lawn equipment

BBQ w/propane instead of charcoal

(661) 326.6900 www.valleyair.org


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