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Application and brief Description

13 Application and brief Description

The Measuring Computer TZA 401 has been designed primarily for use as a flow rate and heat counter for gas, water or steam. Analog and binary input signals are interconnected acc. to a programmed algorithm and the result is output as an analog or binary signal.

Complex calculations can be executed with Measuring Computer TZA 401. Furthermore, in- trinsically safe inputs and the PTB calibration approval grant access to a vast range of de- ployment possibilities.

Examples of application:


Flow rate calculation with state correction Thermal, refrigerating and heat capacity calculation Logic operations

The device will be supplied as „19 plug-in card“, „Control panel case“ and „field housing IP 65“.

The device can be either configured and parameterized at the factory or can be supplied with options for customized configuration. The user must have submitted a complete que- stionnaire for the required computation program in order to have customized configuration and parameter definition performed by the manufacturer.


These Operating Instructions are valid for devices configured and parameterized at the fac- tory. Customized configuration and parameter definition with program TZAKON2 are descri- bed in Configuration Instructions 42/18-51EN.

Explosion protection

The measuring computer TZA 401 must be installed outside the hazardous area. Signals coming from the hazardous area are transmitted via intrinsically safe analog inputs. The in- trinsic safety of the inputs is realized for both resistance thermometer Pt 100 and mA signals via safety barriers. For the type of construction „field housing“ the safety barriers are inte- grated; for the type of construction „19 plug-in card“ the safety barriers must be mounted together with the TZA 401 in the subrack.

Safety barriers without electrical isolation, 19 plug-in card, blade connector type F

TZR 190-Ex

TZI 191-Ex

TZI 192-Ex

for intrinsically safe connection of resistance thermometers in 4-wire circuit, one-channel for connection of intrinsically safe measuring signals 0/4...20 mA, one-channel for connection of intrinsically safe measuring signals 0/4...20 mA, two-channel

Certificate of conformity Ambient temperature Mounting location Designation

- PTB Nr. Ex-80/2022 X 4 0 . . . + 5 0 o C outside the hazardous area in subrack or field housing [EEx ib] IIC/IIB

M a x i m u m v a l u e s U 0 , I k , L a a n d C a f o r e a c h o f t h e i n t r i n s i c a l l y s a f e i n p u t c i r c u i t s i n t y protection EEX ib IIC/IIB depend on the protective circuit of the safety barriers; see „Expert Commentary“ No. 95-04-205-Ex. p e o f


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