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approved in Rawalpindi and Sialkot. The Ordinance allows for the development of master plans, zoning, and community and infrastructure services. The setting up of such zones should have environmental assessment in the same way as other industrial estates.

These guidelines therefore relate to all new public and private industrial estates. They also relate to any extension or new phase of an existing estate. Cumulative impacts will be discussed later, but, it is important that the site is evaluated on the basis of the combined effects of the existing estate plus the new extension. The incremental increase in atmospheric and effluent discharge may make extension of the site unacceptable or mitigation so costly as to make the choice of a new site preferable.

The guidelines will assist proponents to identify the key environmental issues that need do be assessed as well as mitigation measures and alternatives that should be considered at all stages in the process of siting, design, construction and operation a new industrial estate. Readers are advised not to apply a mechanistic approach based on these guidelines. No technique can replace the thoughtful consideration of the proposal, its siting and the physical and cultural environment in which it is proposed.

The environmental issues discussed in these guidelines are not exhaustive and the degree of relevance of each will vary from proposal to proposal. The environmental report should only deal with issues relevant to the specific proposal. The focus of the environmental report should be on key environmental issues.

Community participation must be incorporated in the EIA process and the reader is referred to Guidelines for public consultation”. Properly conducted the consultation exercise can lead to far better mutual understanding and it can be the basis of productive community relations instead of hostility.

1.2 Context This guideline is part of a package of regulations and guidelines which include:

  • The Pakistan Environmental Ordinance 1997

  • Policy and procedures for filing, review and approval of environmental


  • Guidelines for the preparation and review of Environmental Reports

  • Guidelines for public consultation

  • Guidelines for sensitive and critical areas

  • Pakistan environmental legislation and the National Environmental Quality

Standards (NEQS)

  • Sectoral guidelines for Environmental Reports: Industrial Estates

This guideline should not be read on its own, but in the context of the overall package. In relation to industrial estates the reader is referred to guidelines produced as part of this series of sectoral guidelines for Sewerage treatment and for Major chemical and manufacturing plants.

Industrial Estates


October 1997

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