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On the morning of Wednesday, 11 April 2007, terrorists struck Algerian government - page 2 / 6





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The statement also revealed:

1. A man named Mu’adz bin Jabal was responsible for the attack in the compound housing the Algerian Prime Minister’s office and the Algerian Interior Ministry. This target was located in Algiers, and the suicide bomber used a vehicle-borne bomb consisting of 700kg of explosives.

2. A man named Al Zubayr Abu Sajidah attacked the compound of Interpol in Dar al Baidaa’ by detonating a vehicle-borne bomb consisting of 700kg of explosives.

3. A third bomber named Abu Dujanah attacked the Algerian Special Forces compound in Dar al Baidaa’, utilizing a vehicle filled with 500kg of explosives.

These names provided in the statement are

s, or nicknames. AQLIM did not

identify the men by their given names, nor did they provide details on the type of

explosives used in the attacks.

On 9 May 2007, AQLIM released a video detailing the bombings and its preceding preparations. The video showed Muadz bin Jabal and Al Zubayr Abu Sajidah reading their wills. It also showed only two bombings being executed. According to the video, the two bombings struck the Interpol structure and the Algerian Special Forces compound, both in the suburb of Dar al-Baidaa’. However, a spokeswoman for Interpol denied that the organization had an office in that suburb. vii

The video also showed the faces of Mu’adz bin Jabal and Abu Dujanah. However, the face of Al Zubayr Abu Sajidah was obscured.

In the days following the attacks, Algerian newspapers revealed the identities of the

suicide bombers.

  • who allegedly attacked the Special Forces compound –

was identified as Benchihab Mouloud Hossine.viii He was a 44 year-old single male. Born in 1963, he is the second of five sons and “unnumbered sisters.” He was reported to be missing since 25 August 1994. ix

Algerian authorities said Hossine was part of an armed group.x His family live in the Telemny neighbourhood, near the Palais du Gouvernement, one of the targets.xi He had been jailed previously and served sentences in the Serkaji, Berouaghia, and Ouargla correctional institutions for multiple crimes, including the 'promotion and consumption of drugs.'xii His mother denied his involvement in the attacks. xiii

Investigations by security services revealed that the car used in the Bab Ezzouar explosion was bought by a person residing in Hossine's neighborhood, and said that an investigation into the original owners of the car was ongoing. xiv

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