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The underlever is depressed and the breech is opened allowing the cartridge to be inserted.

The action is now cocked and ready to fire, the cocking indicator is now in the rearward position

Martini had designed a simple nipple shaped cocking indicator which was to extend in the thumb-grip, however this was discontinued and a tear shaped indicator was added to the trigger axis, this was mounted on the side of the action and gave a simple, visual indication. Also a simple safety catch was installed on the right side of the action.

The spent cartridge is ejected by a downwards pull on the lever, with this action the case with flick directly clear of the breech and leave a trail of black powder smoke in its wake.  One problem that was a regular complaint was the soldered base of the cartridge often detached.

The rifling system selected was that of Edinburgh gunsmith Alexander Henry, (1817-1895) which consisted of a seven groove polygonal rifling, with one twist in 22” (56cm). The barrel length was to be 33.2” (84.2cm). The Henry rifling system was found superior in all trials. The basis of the rifling was in reality a modernisation of the Whitworth system, which was developed in 1854. The bore was .450” calibre,

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