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This has been the most incredible journey. In a short period of time, I have begun to create the life of my dreams! I have since retired from nursing and now own a beautiful lake house. I have every day available to spend with my family. I can honestly say that now I own my life!

To my DMs, Kathy Beuttel, Kelly Martino, Shannon Hernandez, Fleur Colimore, Kristina Salko, Kathleen Mallampalli, Shilpa Johnson, Susan Staples, Holly Ann Bonner and Tracey Patterson: Keep dreaming your dreams. I believe in you!

There are so many people who have helped me on my journey to whom I am eternally grateful.

To my awesome Clients and Consultants who purchase products at dis- count: You are the heart of my business and I value each of you.

To Founder Petter Mørck, President Rita Davenport and the entire Home Office staff: You always keep our best interest at heart. Thank you!

To my mom and dad: You taught me to make every day count and to dream big. I love you.

To my sponsor, ENVP Dana Collins: Thank you for sharing this gift with me, for believing in me when I did not believe in myself and for being willing to do the hard things first.

To my in-laws, Marleen and Ted: Thank you for supporting me and for lending me your son for a lifetime!

To Laura Harry, Helen Karukas, Gregory Dean, Senora Neal, Shara Hines, Susan Evans and Kelly Haire: Thank you for believing in me. I love you!

To Shawn Stratmann: Your friendship came at a critical time. Thank you for sharing your ideas and helping my team and me. You have no idea how much I have learned from you and how much I have grown from our friendship. You are the epitome of a true leader!

I am so blessed to have an incredible team of people to work with. I am honored and humbled to be a steward of your dreams!

To my AMs, Carri Tyburski and Katherine Grady: Your discipline, ded- ication and integrity to your teams make me so proud to count you as friends. RVP is right around the corner!

To my wonderful children, Sean, Alex and Caroline: I love spending my days and nights with you. You have taught me to love unconditionally. You are the loves of my life!

Lastly, to my incredible husband, Ed: Thank you for being the first to believe in me. When I was feeling low, it was your gentle, logical ways that helped me stay the course. You are the ultimate team player. Your support has not gone unnoticed. I love you “infinity squared!”

Area Manager’s Challenge at President Rita Davenport’s home. TOP–BOTTOM: AM Gregory Dean, NVP Laura Harry, AM Senora Neal, AM Helen Karukas and Colleen.

success strategy:

multiplied and their efforts were multiplied. In this way, we all won. It is the concept of teamwork that makes time leveraging possible. Without a team, you are working for yourself, by yourself. You are doing all the work as if you were self-employed. Time, in my opinion, is more impor- tant than money. You cannot buy time. You cannot stop time. Everyone has exactly the same amount of time, regardless of who they are. The difference lies in how we each choose to use it. So, work your Arbonne business with passion, be clear about your purpose, be consistent with your effort and give it enough time. That is what I teach my team.

NTC 2005 Las Vegas. L–R: AM Carri Tyburski, DM Kathy Beuttel, Colleen, AM Katherine Grady and DM Holly Bonner.

Work your business with a passion and be clear on your purpose.

RTS 2005. L–R: DM Kathy Beuttel, Colleen, ENVP Dana Collins and AM Katherine Grady.

EAM Shawn Stratmann and Colleen at RTS 2006.



The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.

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