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Alternate Cancer Remedies

nated, but continued the rest of the person’s life.

Clodronate, as most others discussed in this book, is a single-substance therapy. No change was made in the diet or way of life, so one would ex- pect the cancer to immediately return as soon as the Clodronate was stopped.

Clodronate—Order under the trade name of Bonefos, from the Leiras Corporation, Helsinki, Finland. A three-month supply can be ordered by mail.

____________________ I. WILLIAM LANE, Ph.D., 1980s

Note to researchers: The anti-angiogenic properties of vari- ous cartilage substances needs to be analyzed more closely. Field tests should be conducted on such substances, in conjunction with other alternate anti-cancer formulas.

patients who are using shark cartilage.

Since powdered shark cartilage is classified as a food supplement, it is not controlled by the FDA and can be purchased at health-food stores.

The usual dosage of shark cartilage for an adult is fifteen 740-mg capsules daily, taken orally, in three doses of five capsules each. They are taken on an empty stomach about 30 min- utes before meals, so digestive acids will not destroy the active ingredients.

More recently, it has been discovered that higher dosages can be taken by means of a rectal retention enema. For this purpose, the dosage is 1 gram of powdered shark cartilage per each 2 pounds of body weight, daily. (A 120-pound per- son would take 60 grams of powdered shark car- tilage rectally each day.)

Working Summary: This remedy is not for vegetarians. Purified, powdered cartilage from sharks is taken orally.

This remedy is not for vegetarians. Dr. Lane has been the leading advocate of shark cartilage therapy. Although we have seen that can- cer can be successfully inhibited by a number of other substances, this present study would not be complete without noting shark cartilage.

Shark cartilage has also been found beneficial for osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, scle- roderma, psoriasis, and eczema.

In their book for patients (the Gerson Primer), the Gerson Institute says they provide cartilage from either sharks or cows for those who want it. So cow cartilage must now be available. If it were not fairly potent, Gerson would not offer it.

In order for tumors to grow, they must de- velop their own blood supply. Most other tis- sues and organs also do this; the process is known as angiogenesis.

But cartilage, which is a tough, elastic con- nective tissue, contains no blood supply. It has an “anti-angiogenic” substance which stops the blood supply from developing.

With these facts in mind, researchers sought for a substance which might keep tumors from developing their own blood supply. Robert Langer, Ph.D., of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, discovered that shark cartilage con- tains a thousand times more of the angiogen- esis inhibitor than any other type of cartilage (W.I. Lane and L. Cormac, Sharks Don’t Get Can- ce , 1992, 47).

Sources for shark cartilage—Cartilade, from Cartilage Technologies, Inc., 222 Grace Church St., Suite 204-A, Port Chester, NY 10573-5155 Ph: (914) 939-9000 / Allergy Research Group, 400 Preda St., San Leandro, CA 94577 Ph: (800) 545- 9960 / Hospital Earnesto Contreras, Paseo Playas de Tijuana, No. 19, Tijuana, B.C. Mexico Ph: 011 52-66-80-1850 / (800) 262-0212 / (800) 523-8795 (Rest of U.S.A.)

____________________ JOSEF ISSELS, M.D., 1980s

Note to researchers: Ganzheitstherapie therapy is greatly needed today in our research laboratories. It is time to stop count- ing trees and begin using the entire forest. We have amassed piles of worthwhile anti-cancer remedies; now it is time to apply them collectively.

When it was administered alone to cancer patients (by means of a retention enema), there was significant improvement. After the first month, 7 out of 8 patients experienced tumor reductions ranging from 30 to 100%. In all cases, symptom- atic improvements were noted, along with pain control, weight gain, and improved energy. But not all studies are this successful.

A 1983 article in the journal, Science, first sug- gested that shark cartilage could inhibit tumor growth (221:185-87, 1983).

Renato Martinez, M.D., of Bloomfield, N.J., and Charles B. Simone, M.D., of Laurenceville, N.J., have been separately monitoring advanced cancer

Working Summary: Issels was one of the first to forbid a wide variety of modern contaminants, as important in the treat- ment of cancer. His method, expanded on, is an excellent one.

Dr. Issels, a German physician, came to the conclusion that the solution to cancer was to treat the whole body, and not just a local tumor.

Instead of administering a single nutrient or chemical, Issels identified a wide-ranging group of cancer-causing factors: genetic traits, mi- crobes, dental amalgams (mercury poisoning), infections, abnormal intestinal flora, faulty diet, neural interferences, chemical toxins, radiation, etc.

He called it ganzheitstherapie, or “whole

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