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Specific Systems of Treatment


body therapy.” First thing, the amalgam fillings must be removed, and tobacco, coffee, etc., stopped. Eating of organic foods is stressed, and even the emotional state of the patients is a sub- ject of concern.

In addition to removing or adding specific things from the diet and way of life, Issels also carried on several types of therapies:

Issels used specialized oxygen therapy meth- ods, not available to the average person. He also administered fever therapy (as William Coley and others did). During the induced fever, Issels found that he could increase the number of dis- ease-destroying leukocytes (white corpuscles) in the bloodstream.

for over 40 years, discovered that hydrogen per- oxide was a safe, effective, antimicorbial, anti- viral agent. Without his discovery, we might not know of this remedy today (although the substance had been used to treat infections back in the 1920s).

Unfortunately, Rosenow died, in 1966, before his discovery could be published. But he had ex- plained it to a priest, named Wilhelm, who was a chemistry teacher. Wilhelm determined to promote hydrogen peroxide. Throughout the 1970s, he tried to get pharmaceutical companies to do research on it, but the substance was a common, inexpen- sive item which could not be patented—and thus had no commercial value to them.

He also used vaccines for specific types of cancer, using ultrafiltrates of cancer tissues in much the same way as modern vaccines use in- fectious agents to stimulate antibody produc- tion.

In one long-term study of 370 patients, 87% were alive 5 years later, with no recurring signs. Dr. Issels’ relapse rate was only 13%. That is re- markably good.

This high success rate is probably due to the fact that he fought the cancer with a variety of factors, including nutritional and lifestyle changes which the patients continue on with afterward! Researchers, please keep this in mind! In order to have a high rate of successful remission, followed by years of happy living there- after, many changes must be made. It is not enough to just drink an herb tea once in a while.

Then, in the winter of 1982, he met Walter (Wally) Grotz. Following an earlier auto accident, Wally had developed a severe, crippling, and very painful arthritis. He despaired of life. Then his wife encouraged him to take a warm Caribbean cruise, in the hope that it might help.

On the ship, he met Wilhelm, who urged him to take hydrogen peroxide for his arthritis. Al- though he only took small amounts, within a few months his arthritis was gone. Immediately, Grotz set to work; he must convince the world that hy- drogen peroxide was the great answer to mankind’s problems.

What is hydrogen peroxide? It is a very simple compound, with the chemical formula H2O2. All it consists of is a molecule of water, plus an added atom of oxygen. It is found throughout nature, in plants and animals.

After Dr. Issels retired, two physicians kept his work going (Dr. Woppel and Dr. Ahmed Elkadi of Panama City, Florida). Elkadi uses Issels’ program, plus the use of the herb, Nigella sativa (black seed spice), with which he has observed a 55% enhancement of the helper T-cells and the sup- pressor T-cells, and a 30% enhancement of natu- ral killer cells activity.

Issel’s Whole Body Therapy—Akbar Clinc, 4000 East 3rd Street, Panama City, FL 32404 Ph: (904) 763-7689

____________________ EDWARD ROSENOW, M.D., 1980s

Note to researchers: The remarkable ability of hydrogen peroxide to oxygenate the body and reduce certain diseases should be more carefully investigated.

Working Summary: Over the years, since Koch and Warburg, sizeable attention had been paid to providing the body with oxy- gen as a mechanism to help destroy oxygen-hating cancer tis- sue. But hydrogen peroxide is something of a capstone to the search for oxygenation to the body.

Dr. Rosenow, a physician at the Mayo Clinic

Every cell in your body makes it. Every plant cell makes it also. When ozone in the sky mixes with moisture in the air, it forms hydrogen per- oxide, which comes down in rain or snow. It is in fresh fruits and vegetables. Plants take it in with the rainwater they absorb; they also make it via photosynthesis. It is rich in mother’s milk—and especially so in colostrum (the first milk secreted after birth).

“The generation of H2O2 in cellular processes seems to be purposeful, and H2O2 cannot be dismissed as a mere undesirable by-product . . The capacity for generation of H2O2 is not found to be widespread in a variety of organisms and in the organelles of the cells.”—T.H. Oliver and B.C. Cantab, Lancet, 1:432-33, 1920. All this, of course, relates closely to Otto Warburg’s discovery that, when cells become deficient in oxygen, they tend to become can- cerous.

By releasing more oxygen into the body, hy- drogen peroxide promotes healthy, oxygen- based metabolism. It not only stimulates the

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