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Alternate Cancer Remedies

tides, which are able to inhibit cancer cell growth. He calls them antineoplastons (meaning “anti-new growth”). He first isolated them from human blood and later from urine.

His work has gained worldwide recognition from scientists. Low doses of orally administered synthetic antineoplaston A10 help prevent lung, breast, and liver cancers. There are no major side effects. Many of the patients are treated with this substance—along with orthodox cancer treat- ments.

In recent years, Dr. Burzynski has adminis- tered about 10 types of these substances, both orally and intravenously, at his clinic in Hous- ton, Texas. The brochure for his Houston Burzynski Clinic indicates that the minimum length of time for treatment is from four months to one year.

Antineoplaston treatments are given by intra- venous drip, intravenous injections, and orally in capsule form. Dosage and method of administra- tion are determined by the type of cancer and con- dition of the patient.

Antineoplaston Therapy—Burzynski Clinic, 6221 Corporate Drive, Houston, TX 77036 Ph: 713-777-8233.

____________________ KAZUHIKO ASAI, Ph.D., 1980s

Note to researchers: Closer attention should be given to the relationship of germanium-132 to specific forms of cancer. Why are some types alleviated more easily than others? Are dosage factors involved?

Working Summary: We have here, not a chemical or pro- tein, but an important nutrient.

Dr. Asai synthesized Germanium-132 (Ge- 132) in Japan in 1967, but it was not until the 1980s that it was extensively researched and used. While searching for better ways to mine and use coal, he discovered fossilized plants in the coal deposits. Analyzing them, he found substantial amounts of germanium.

Having heard something about Russian re- search into its remarkable healing properties, Asai decided, when he retired in 1969, to spend the rest of his life researching into this trace mineral.

He found that it was true that the substance had unusual powers, yet it cost too much to ex- tract from natural plant sources, in the quantities needed to treat cancer. So Asai developed a method for producing an organic germanium-132, which was chemically identical to the form extracted from plants. The chemical name for this substance is bis-carboxyethyl germanium sesquioxide.

It is of special interest that many of the most important healing herbs contain significant

amounts of germanium: garlic, comfrey, ginseng, and aloe. Asai found that the amount of germa- nium in the plant varied according to the amount in the soil, and that adding more to the soil im- proved plant growth.

Because germanium, like silicon, is a semi- conductor, Asai theorized that its remarkable healing properties are due to the fact that it enables a plant to convert energy from sunlight into electricity. This energy is used to break wa- ter into hydrogen and oxygen. Carbon dioxide (taken in by the plant from the air) combines with the hydrogen to produce carbohydrates. The oxy- gen is given off into the atmosphere.

Because each atom of organic germanium is bonded to three atoms of oxygen, it is an efficient carrier of oxygen, and helps substitute for oxygenation in living tissues.

This is significant, since Otto Warburg discov- ered that cancer cells do not metabolize oxygen well. An excess of germanium in the system, provides a sizeable additional amount of oxy- gen in the body.

The germanium helps carry oxygen to the cells, and thus offset the damage to them from free radicals—which produced oxygen starva- tion in them.

But germanium does even more: It increases NK (killer) cell activity. It normalizes and strengthens the immune system. It restores the normal function of T-cells, B-lymphocytes, and antibody-forming cells.

It stimulates the body’s production of in- terferon, without producing the side effects of other substances which stimulates that produc- tion.

Germanium, Asai found, was effective against asthma, diabetes, hypertension, neuralgia, cardiac insufficiency, hepatic cirrhosis, softening of the brain, and several cancers (leukemia, lungs, blad- der, breast, and larynx). It even helped with heavy metal poisoning, high blood pressure, arthritis, vision problems, and some types of depression.

  • Yet it does all this while having extremely

low toxicity.

By the 1980s, a sizeable number of other germanium studies were in progress, showing strong anti-cancer ability, with remarkably low side effects.

Germanium-132 is available at this time in health-food stores as a nutritional supplement for oral consumption. Preventive doses range from 250 mg to 325 mg per capsule or tablet.

In treating diseases, especially cancer, much higher daily doses are taken. One example would be 50 mg/Kg/day orally. For a 110-pound person,

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