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Alternative Remedies and Congress


begin such an investigation.

More than a year later, Congress learned that the NCI had ignored the directive. So, on No- vember 22, 1991, Congress passed a law creat- ing the Office of Alternative Medicine as a branch within the National Institutes of Health.

The budget set aside for the first year of the new Office of Alternative Medicine was $2 mil- lion. That was not large (the NIH receives over $3 billion annually), but it clearly revealed the intent of Congress.

All this was the result of intense lobbying, by citizens, and hard work spearheaded by earnest, dedicated congressmen, led by Guy Molinari, John Dingell, and Tom Harkin.

Before concluding this brief chapte , it is well to note another significant event which occurred in Washington, D.C. in re- cent years.

For decades, thousands of Americans had to travel to foreign countries, to obtain alterna- tive medical treatment or supplies for a variety of life-threatening diseases, including cancer.

Upon their return to America, their supplies, drugs, etc., were, if found, seized and confis- cated. Shipments made through the mail were treated in the same manner.

But, when AIDS came along, the gay com- munity exerted tremendous political pressure—

and succeeded in obtaining what no one else in America had been able to accomplish. They wanted to easily purchase AIDS drugs, not oth- erwise available in the U.S., by mail from over- seas.

On July 20, 1988, during a speech at the Tenth National Lesbian and Gay Health Confer- ence and AIDS Forum, Frank Young, the admin- istrator of the Food and Drug Administration, announced a major change in FDA policy.

Henceforth, Americans could import small quantities of drugs and other alternative medi- cal substances from foreign countries for per- sonal use.

This was a major breakthrough. Individu- als would be permitted to import through their personal baggage small quantities (up to a three-month’s supply) of medicines they had purchased while traveling abroad. In addition, those persons who had serious medical con- ditions could import a three-month’s supply of such items through the mails.

Young said the new policy had been made specifically to help AIDS patients, but that it would apply to drugs and other substances sought by Americans with any disease.

So it is now legal for cancer patients to import up to a three-month supply of any of the alternative cancer therapies from a for- eign country.

Humanity cries out for a solution to the cancer problem.

At the present time, $100 billion is being spent, worldwide, on cancer therapy every year.

Researchers are needed to solve this problem for us.

This book has been written so that researchers will provide us with usable, government-approved remedies—which actually work.

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