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Specific Systems of Treatment


normal healthy cells. Since the time of Hippocrates and the Egyptian Pharoahs, heat therapy has been valued. Research has shown that applying heat to a person elevates immune responses. Tempera- tures of 107o F. (42o C.) will kill most cancer cells, but can be quite stressful on the person. Special- ists in this field generally say not to go over 104o F. Keep in mind that these high body temperatures can be dangerous! The brain and heart must be kept cool. If the brain goes over 104o F., it will be permanently damaged!

Hot water packs over the tumor area can also help raise localized temperatures, but whole body applications are more frequently used.

Whole body hyperthermia requires careful su- pervision under a competent professional! It is not something you can do at home! Special hot tub devices, general anesthesia, and medical supervi- sion may be required. Localized hyperthermia has also been done. Major cancer research centers, including Stanford and Duke, have found this therapy useful. But they generally use it in con- nection with chemo and radiation therapy which, of course, involves serious side effects.

“Over the last few centuries, physicians have observed that people suffering from certain ill- nesses such as cancer, gonorrhea, and syphilis of- ten become free of these illnesse following a high fever from another infection. This has led to re- search into the production of fever to treat a wide variety of health problems from common colds to AIDS and cancer.”—Douglas Lewis, N.D., Chai , Physical medicine, Natural Health Clinic, Seattle, Washington. Current medical literature contains many ref- erences to the use of hyperthermia as an adjunct cancer treatment.

  • Hyperthermia modifies cell membranes in

such a way as to protect healthy cells and make tumor cells more susceptible to other means of destroying them, such as herbs, etc.

  • Hyperthermia heats cancer cells, thus weak-

ening them, since malignant cells do not tolerate elevated temperatures as well as normal cells.

  • Hyperthermia stimulates the immune sys-

tem. White cell counts drop immediately follow- ing treatment, but rise within a few hours. Not only do the number of white cells increase, but their ability to destroy target cells appears to in- crease as well.

  • As a result of whole body hyperthermia, there

is a marked increase in the production of interleukin-1. This is a compound produced by the body in response to infection, inflammation, or other immunologic challenges.

  • Increased body temperature plays a positive

role in the healing process of the body. The meta- bolic rate is increased 100% for every 10 degrees centigrade rise in temperature.

In this book, we will pay more detailed at- tention to hyperthermia procedure than to any other single item, since it may be done at home— yet can be dangerous if not done properly. Con- sult your physician!

A person using this therapy must have a helper and follow the instructions, below, care- fully! If you practice hyperthermia at home, you should consult your physician. Douglass Lewis, N.D., cautions patients to be careful to monitor their temperature and not let it go above 102o F., measured orally.

Here, briefly, is the hyperthermia formula, as used at the Gerson Clinic—and taught to help- ers to use on patients after they return home:


“Hyperthermia treatment - hot tub bath - proce- dure:

Full treatments should not be taken during healing reactions, though relaxing baths at lower temperatures are allowed. Patients will need to have a medical examination and EKG in prepa- ration. The accompanying person is invited to observe the procedures, so they can be contin- ued in the home environment.

“1. Don’t eat: Patient should eat nothing for 1½ hours before treatment. Liquids (juices, tea, etc.) can be continued. If the patient is scheduled soon after a meal, only a light meal may be taken.

“2. Coffee enema: One hour before scheduled treatment, a coffee enema is taken.

“3. Shower: At this time a thorough cleansing shower is to be taken.

“4. Laetrile treatment: Those patients taking laetrile will have it applied 15 minutes before the scheduled treatment.

“5. Herb tea: Fifteen minutes before the treat- ment a cup of hot tea is given.

“6. Bathing suit: Upon arrival in the depart- ment the patient changes into a bathing suit.

“7. Tub: From the hot shower, the patient goes to the tub. The tub is entered slowly, submerging until the shoulders are covered and a comfortable position found.

“8. Tea: A second cup of herbal tea is taken upon entering the tub.

“9. Cover head with towel: The head will be covered by a towel to limit heat loss.

“10. Monitor temperature and pulse: Tempera- ture and pulse will be monitored frequently as the body temperature increases.

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