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Specific Systems of Treatment


of the summer, 14 of the 15 patients showed no further advancement in tumor development and several showed possible improvement. The per- son can be in the shade, not in direct sunlight.

creasingly suspected of causing bladder cancer. More research needs to be done in this area. These substances are saccharin, cyclamate (another ar- tificial sweetener), tobacco, coffee, and cola drinks.

Ott then discovered that the one patient who had deteriorated had misread the instructions. She had taken off her sunglasses but kept wearing her eyeglasses.

ASBESTOS—Many physicians believe there is a relation between asbestos exposure and lung can- cer, yet additional research into this is lacking. The air of city streets is loaded with asbestos, be- cause the average vehicle wears out three or four sets of asbestos brake linings and one or two as- bestos clutch facings in its lifetime. This is prob- ably a major cause of the asbestos dust in our cities. But there are also other sources of asbes- tos contamination, for many products contain as- bestos.

TALC—Talc is both chemically and geologically related closely to three of the five types of asbes- tos. It is known that older talc workers die of lung cancer at a rate four times higher than would be expected. Talc should never be used on babies or in any other manner! Use corn starch instead! The presence of talc or asbestos is regularly found in the female organs of women with cancer in those body parts.

Dr. Pierre Biscaye, of Columbia University, found that many deodorants are heavily laced with talc.

Both beer, soft drinks, and other bottled re- freshments generally contain asbestos. This is due to the fact that asbestos filtering pads are used during processing. It is often in city tap water.

BONE CANCER—Due to various radioactive and nuclear explosions, contaminants, and other projects, radioactive strontium continues to be a growing problem. Further research is demanded here. For example, in the town of Aliquippa, Penn- sylvania, nine miles away from the Shippingport Nuclear Generating Plant, the mortality rate for infants is more than double that for the rest of the state. There is more than twice as much leuke- mia, as the state average and infant diseases of all kinds amount to 165 percent of the state average. Yet the Atomic Energy Commission has declared Shippingport to be the safest of all nuclear power plants.

Sodium alginate (the trade name is algin) is known to be the most effective preventive thera- peutic measure against radiostrontium poisoning. It can be purchased in health-food stores. (Better yet, move away from nuclear power plants!) Algin is derived from kelp.

When alginate is eaten, an ion-exchange reac- tion occurs in the intestines, and insoluble stron- tium alginate gel is formed. The strontium is then excreted without being absorbed into the blood and thence taken to the bones.

BOWEL CANCER—Consistent research reveals that high-fiber foods help reduce the likelihood of bowel cancer. And, of course, stop eating meat products! Because humans have a longer gut, the meat tends to rot in the lower intestine before it is excreted.

There are many good reasons to move out to the country!

FLUORIDE—Fluoride is a trace mineral with a relatively narrow margin of safety. Our bodies can only tolerate so much before there are serious side effects. Cancer is one of them. Additional research needs to be done in this field.

In a careful Japanese study, it was found that people who ate those foods which contained higher amounts of fluoride had significantly higher rates of gastric cancer (Japanese Journal of Public Health, Vol. 4, 1969).

Fluoride even damages our genetic material! This could result in birth defects. Experiments have shown that fluoride compounds injected into chicken eggs causes malformations in the embryo. The addition of sodium fluoride to the diet of fruit flies caused a high frequency of melanomas.

BLADDER CANCER—Several substances are in-

BREAST CANCER—One excellent set of research findings revealed that women who live in areas where there is little sunlight (such as northern and northeastern U.S.) have more breast cancer than those living in sunnier areas (such as the south- west). This research needs to be extended.

Iodine deficiency has been shown to be a cause of breast cancer. Supplemental estrogen and the birth control pill are also significant causes.

CERVICAL CANCER—diethylstilbestrol (DES) is a prime factor in causing cervical cancer. DES is a synthetic sex hormone.

Another cause is eating meat from animals treated with stilbestrol. These factors need addi- tional research.

LUNG CANCER—Lung cancer in males has in- creased 2,000% since 1914. Yet not all of it is caused by smoking.

Dr. Eugene Houdry discovered that lung can-

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