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Alternate Cancer Remedies

cer decreased 35% during the war years, due to gasoline rationing. The problem is that, of the 600,000 tons of pollutants poured into our atmo- sphere daily, automobiles emit carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons, and lead particles.

Premium gas consists of high-boiling fractions over 700o F. But all fractions over 700o F. have been found to be highly carcinogenic. Regular gas and diesel are not far less toxic. Diesel also gives off formaldehyde and acrolein (the main ingredient in tear gas).

The takeoff of one commercial jetliner emits pollutants equivalent to 10,000 cars.

that all food additives, dyes, and other chemicals in our food produce a similar effect.

STOMACH CANCER—Eating smoked meat causes stomach cancer. Nitrites added to meat dur- ing processing is another major cause. In the stom- ach, the nitrite changes into nintrosamines, a deadly carcinogen.

THYMUS CANCER—Radiation therapy is fre- quently used in the treatment of cancer. But, among other evils, it produces cancer of the thymus.

Sometimes children are given radiation for tonsilitis or acne. In later years, they are more likely to develop thymus cancer.

Factories and other plants convert coal into benzopyrene, a powerful carcinogen. That gas has been found above every city. Cigarettes also emit it.

The above data will provide researchers with a wealth of information, on which further labo- ratory and clinical studies can be conducted.


ORAL CANCER—Chewing mouth tobacco is a major cause of this malignancy, but so is smok- ing. Drinking undiluted whiskey increases the like- lihood of contracting oral cancer in cigar and pipe smokers. But drinking this alone will also cause it to develop. Chewing betel nut is another cause. Badly fitting dentures causes up to half the oral cancers in patients over fifty.

SKIN CANCER—An excess of sunlight is a pri- mary cause, especially in those who tan or burn easily. A severe sunburn, which produced blisters, during childhood can lead to skin cancer in later life.

Those who eat only healthful, uncooked oil are less likely to contract skin cancer from sunlight.

Because laetrile, Essiac, and the Gerson therapy are the most widely used today, they have purposely been placed after the preceding historical review.



Laetrile is the only alternative cancer in America today which has been declared legal by court action.

Because this book is primarily written for re- searchers, we have included specialized research information and formulas. This present section

Vitamins C, E, and especially PABA (para-ami- nobenzoic acid, a B vitamin) and calcium carbon- ate, help protect the body against harmful light rays.

is no exception.

Note to researchers: Double-blind studies on laetrile needs to be done, especially accompanied by nutritional changes. There is a need to ascertain exactly what concomitants are needed to accomplish the greatest good with laetrile.

Many drugs and chemicals in the environment increase sensitivity to the sun. Antibacterial soaps, and many cosmetics and lotions are equal offend- ers. Research at West Virginia University revealed

Working Summary: Laetrile, by itself, has been found to be most effective in the earlier stages of cancer. The addition of dietetic changes (by Richardson, Kowan, and Contreras, listed below) greatly adds to the initial and long-term remission rates.



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“Better is a little with the fear of the Lord than great treasure and trouble therewith.”—Proverbs 15:16.

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