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Alternate Cancer Remedies

A table listing various tumor sites and the sug- gested arterial routes of administration is given in the book.

Here is information on the book: McNaughton Foundation, Physician’s Hand- book of Vitamin B17 Therapy, Sausalito, Calif: Science Press International, 1975.

Summarizing all the research and clinical treatment, it appears that laetrile is more effec- tive with early-stage cancers than with termi- nally ill patients, although it will quickly re- duce pain in all of them. It is most effective when used with other factors, especially nutri- tional ones. Laetrile and Shark Catilage—Hospital Earnesto Contreras, Paseo Playas de Tijuana, No. 19, Tijuana, B.C. Mexico Ph: 011 52-66-80- 1850 / (800) 262-0212 / (800) 523-8795 (Rest of U.S.A.) Laetrile: Richardson Clinic—John A. Richardson, M.D., clinic in Albany, California Laetrile: Contreras Clinic—Hospital Earnesto Contreras, Paseo Playas de Tijuana, No. 19, Tijuana, B.C. Mexico Ph: 011 52-66-80- 1850 / (800) 262-0212 / (800) 523-8795 (Rest of U.S.A.) Laetrile: Navarro Clinic—Manuel D. Navarro, M.D., 3553 Sining St., Morningside Terrace Santa Mesa, Manila 2806 Philippines




Now let us turn our attention to diet: Cancer is extremely rare among tribes and cul- tures where the natural diets contain nitriloside- rich foods. Some of these areas where cancer hardly occurs include El Salvador and native American tribes such as Navajo, Hopi, and Modoc. For example, the Taos Pueblo Indians of New Mexico, who are also exempt from cancer, regu- larly grind up kernels of apricots, cherries and peaches, and drink them as their beverage.

The Hunzas, in the Kashmir district of West Pakistan; the Abkhasians, of the Caucasus in the USSR; and the Karakorum people, of outer Mongolia, are also virtually cancer-free. They regu- larly use apricot kernels and oil, as well as a rich selection of grains and fresh vegetables of the nitriloside-containing variety.

In 1975, in response to a U.S. Government sur- vey request, the Pakistan Health Department re- plied that, of the 35,000 people living in Hunza, five had cancer. That is a ratio of 1 in 7,000. In the

U.S., 25% contract the disease.

The late Dr. Albert Schweitzer, in his preface to Alexander Berglas’ 1957 book, Cancer: Cause and Cure, wrote that the absence of cancer in Gabon, West Africa, “seemed to be due to the dif- ference in nutrition of the natives compared to the Europeans.” Over a third of all edible plants in that area contain vitamin B17.

So much data has been collected regarding the importance of laetrile in the normal diet, that many nutritionists recommend that, even though a person does not have cancer and is not under laetrile therapy, he should, as a pre- ventive measure, be eating several apricot ker- nels everyday!

Here is the recommended formula: One apricot kernel per each 10 pounds of body weight, per day.

If an individual cannot easily purchase apri- cot kernels at his health-food store or laetrile tablets by mail, there are other foodstuffs which also contain laetrile (vitamin B17).

The following list will provide you with the primary foods which have laetrile and the ap- proximate amount each has. The range is as fol- lows:

High - 500 mg nitriloside per 100 grams of food. (Those which are high are in bold type.) Medium - Above 100 mg per 100 grams of food. Low - Below 100 mg per 100 grams of food.

FRUITS WHICH ARE HIGH—Wild blackberry, choke cherry, wild crabapple, Swedish (lignon) cranberry. FRUITS WHICH ARE MEDIUM TO HIGH—Elder- berry. FRUITS WHICH ARE MEDIUM—Boysenberry, currant, gooseberry, huckleberry, loganberry, mul- berry, quince, raspberry. FRUITS WHICH ARE LOW—Domestic black- berry, market cranberry. SEEDS WHICH ARE HIGH—Apple seed, apri- cot seed, cherry seed, nectarine seed, peach seed, pear seed, plum seed, prune seed. SEEDS WHICH ARE MEDIUM—Squash seed. BEANS WHICH ARE HIGH—Fava. BEANS WHICH ARE MEDIUM TO HIGH—Mung beans. BEANS WHICH ARE MEDIUM—Lentils, Burma Lima beans. BEANS WHICH ARE LOW TO MEDIUM—Black- eyed peas, garbanzos, kidney beans. BEANS WHICH ARE LOW—Black beans, green peas, U.S. lima beans, shell peas. TUBERS WHICH ARE HIGH—Cassava. TUBERS WHICH ARE LOW—Sweet potato, yams.

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