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The information presented here will help those desirous of improving their health—so they can prevent cancer from gaining a foothold in their bodies.

Because it discusses many anti-cancer substances and formulas, this book is especially written for medical researchers and historians.

It also contains many fascinating stories of pioneers in cancer research over the past century and a half.

It is important that you be told that this book has not been written for cancer patients, those who already have this dread disease, or laymen desirous of treating it. The AMA, NIH, NCI, and SKI have determined that anyone who has contracted cancer should see his or her physician.

Special dietary programs: Bulkley, Chase, Richardson, Kowan, Contreras, and more. Special herbal formulas: Essiac, Hoxsey, Kloss, Winters, Montagna, and more. Special mono herbs: Chaparral, Comfrey, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Red Clover tops, Mistletoe, Pau d’arco, and more. Special clinical treatments: Revici, Urea, Immuno-augmentative, Anablast, Hydrazine sulphate, Clodronate, Hydrogen peroxide, Photoluminescence, Antiplastons, Laetrile, Gerson, and more. Special nutritional factors: Vitamin A and beta-carotene, selenium, Vitamin C, potassium, Omega-3, Abscisic acid, Niacin, Germanium—132, and more. Hundreds of lifestyle changes which can help prevent cancer. Changes you can begin making right now—before you contract cancer—so you will be far less likely to have problems later.

This book is written for medical researchers and historians, and those interested in preventing the initial development of cancer. Warning: It is not written for those wanting to treat cancers already in place.

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