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Alternate Cancer Remedies

  • Part Four –

Essiac Therapy

obtain help in Toronto.

____________________ RENE CAISSE, R.N., 1922

Note to researchers: Now, after more than 50 years of mys- tery, the Essiac formula is known. Research work on this for- mula should be carried out, so official approval can be obtained.

Working Summary: Essiac consisted of a carefully worked out formulation of several herbs, which both attacked the can- cer and helped expel it from the body. Fortunately, we have both the formula and how to prepare and take it.

There are three people who have made it pos- sible for Essiac to be available today. Here is this incredible story.

The first of the three was Rene Caisse. She is one of the few people in this brief history of can- cer remedies who was not a medical doctor. She was a Canadian registered nurse who was born in Bracebridge, Ontario, in 1888. Briefly married (her husband died shortly after their marriage), she re- tained her maiden name for the rest of her life. A kindly lady, she could be quite stubborn when nec- essary and had a strong distrust of medical and government intrusion.

In 1922, Caisse was 33 years old and head nurse at the Sisters of Providence Hospital in Haileybury, Ontario, Canada. One evening she no- ticed an elderly woman patient who had a strangely scarred breast. When she inquired as to the cause, the lady told her that, more than 20 years earlier, she had come from England to join her husband who was working as a prospector in northern Ontario. Shortly after arriving, a hardened mass appeared on her breast.

The area where they were camping was inhab- ited by Ojibwa Indians (also known as Chippewa). Learning of her problem, an old Indian native doc- tor (medicine man) said it was really no problem, for their tribe regularly healed these tumors with an herbal mixture. The kindly Indian offered to help her, but she and her husband said they would

Journeying down there with her husband, she was told that she had advanced cancer and would be dead in a short time unless she was operated on. But the woman recalled a friend who had re- cently had a radical mastectomy and died soon after. Besides, they did not have the money for ex- pensive operations.

Returning to the Objibwa tribe, she sought out the old Indian. He gave her an herbal tea, along with instructions to drink it twice a day. She was also given the complete formula for gathering the herbs and making the tea. The herb tea totally eliminated the malignancy.

Caisse was astounded, and asked if there was any way she could obtain the formula. The woman said she had it written down at home.

The formula listed only a few herbs, and noth- ing more. Rene kept it, thinking that some day she might have cancer and would then use it on herself. Yet, two years later when her aunt, Mireza, was medically diagnosed as dying of inoperable stomach cancer with liver involvement, Caisse well- knew that the latest medical advances included burning the patients horribly with radium.

Wishing to spare her favorite aunt such tor- ture, she gave her the herbal tea. Both Caisse and the attending physician, Dr. R.O. Fisher, were amazed when, after two months of treatment, the relative rallied and recovered. (She lived 20 more years after that.)

Deciding to give the formula a name, Caisse called it Essiac, which is her name spelled back- wards.

With the help of Dr. Fisher, she now began treat- ing dozens of patients suffering from cancer. The results were documented, frequently with remark- ably success.

One was an old man, J. Smith, who had a hid- eous, hemorrhaging malignant growth on his face.

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