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Alternate Cancer Remedies

Rene Caisse; the second was Charles A. Brusch, M.D.

In February 1959, Roland Davidson (a Cana- dian healed of a severe case of ulcerated hemor- rhoids by Essiac) journeyed to New York City to convince Ralph Daigh, editorial director of Fawcett Publications, to print a story on Caisse and Essiac in True, at that time the largest men’s magazine in North America. He had with him copies of 10 pounds of documents, testimonials, physicians’ statements, and newspaper articles.

Daigh was skeptical at first; but, after examin- ing the material for several hours, he became very interested. Daigh decided to check further into the matter. With a friend (Paul Murphy of the Science Research Institute of New York), he went to Bracebridge to interview Caisse and several phy- sicians who had worked with her.

Daigh then made arrangements for Caisse to be invited to go to Cambridge, Massachusetts and work with Dr. Charles Brusch, one of the most prestigious physicians in America. Expenses would be paid and she would retain the right to her for- mula. By this time, Rene was 70.

From 1959 to 1962, Dr. Brusch worked with Essiac at his Brusch Clinic in Massachusetts. He was a personal physician to John F. Kennedy; and, using Essiac, he healed Ted Kennedy’s son who had a sarcoma on his leg.

It was quickly obvious to Brusch that Essiac was a winner, and he wanted to try to improve on the formula. Working closely with Caisse, they gave Essiac orally and by injection to the patients. They also gave it to mice. Brusch knew a skilled herb- alist, in Kansas, who suggested several other herbs. Gradually, over a period of time, Brusch honed the formula into one which worked bet- ter, and no longer needed to be injected. In this way, common folk could more easily obtain and use it.

“What they discovered through extensive experi- mentation on human patients was that by adding more herbs (called potentiators) to Essiac’s origi- nal core formula, Essiac became even more effec- tive. So much so that it was possible to administer the entire formulation orally. This was quite a breakthrough because it meant that people could treat themselves in the privacy of their own homes. Long treks to the clinic were no longer necessary . . Essiac in its newly evolved formulation was never again administered by injection to human pa- tients.”—Richard Thomas, The Essiac Report, 39. The improved formula had the four basic herbs, plus four others.

Eventually, Brusch was told that mice would no longer be available to him “for obvious reasons” and “technical difficulties.” Pressure became so great that he was much more cautious about treat- ing patients with cancer, lest he be arrested. But Brusch remained solidly with Rene Caisse as her friend and fellow researcher. She recognized this, gave him the full formula, and signed a con- tract making him co-owner of the Essiac for- mula. That was one of the wisest decisions she ever made.

“The results we obtained with thousands of pa- tients of various races, sexes, and ages, with all types of cancer, definitely prove Essiac to be a cure for cancer. All studies done in four laboratories in the United States and one or more in Canada for- tify this claim.”—Charles A. Brusch, M.D.

Rene found that Essiac tended to normalize the thyroid gland. She noted that it would heal stomach ulcers within 3-4 weeks. Sir Frederick Banting, the co-discoverer of insulin, said the tea seemed to regenerate the pancreas so it would again produce insulin. It is also good for the com- mon cold. Essiac elevates the immune system. Gary Glum, author of a book on Caisse, says he has taken one ounce of Essiac, each day for a de- cade, and he has not had a cold, flu, or a virus.

  • Yet neither Essiac nor any other special food

should be taken as a cure-all, without changing one’s way of life. Adequate rest, exercise, and healthful living are crucial to success; it would be foolish for a person to just take Essiac, and imag- ine that he was insulated from infection and crip- pling disease.

By the 1970s, no one (other than Brusch) yet knew what the formula was. Midway through that decade, Caisse finally admitted to the gen- eral public that the core formula contained only four herbs.

At the time, one natural healing writer asked her directly if red clover tops was one of them. She said no. He was amazed, since red clover blossoms have been widely used as a cancer remedy. What Caisse did not mention was that it was one of the four auxiliary herbs.

Later in this chapter, we will tell you the names of all eight herbs.

From 1962 to 1978, Rene continued quietly treating cancer sufferers at the Bracebridge Clinic. Official papers have come to light, that the gov- ernment knew about this, but looked the other way. They feared the people, who considered this lady, who without charge healed cancer, to be an angel from heaven.

For his part, Brusch continued experimenta-

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