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Alternate Cancer Remedies

as fertilizer, to help plants grow; but it is not a good nutritional supplement. The ideal is Nova Scotia Dulse or Norwegian Kelp. Both are rich in trace minerals, especially iodine. It would be well to include either of these in the diet everyday. The present writer has done so for years.

If you wish to have Dr. Brusch’s exact propor- tions of these eight Essiac herbs, you will need to obtain Flor•Essence, in either the liquid or dry herb form.

ADDRESSES: Researchers will appreciate the fact that, re- gardless of where they may live, if Flor•Essence is not available at local health-food stores, here are some addresses which might be helpful in locating Flor•Essence:

Flora Manufacturing Company is headquar- tered in Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Salus Haus is the international headquarters, and is located in Munich, Germany.

Here are three addresses in the United States: P.A.H. Products, P.O. Box 2665, Mission, KS 66201 / 800-318-2666.

Sawnson Products, P.O. Box 2803, Fargo, ND 58102 / 701-277-1662.

L&H Vitamins, 37-10 Crescent St., Long Is- land City, NY 11101 / 718-937-7400.

The above addresses are for the improved eight-herb formula. Here is an address for the earlier four-herb formula:

Caisse’s Herbal Tea, obtainable from Camas Prairie Products, Trout Lake, WA 98650. It con- tains organic burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, and turkey rhubarb.


tient was not compelled to resort to opiates or nar- cotics in increasing doses, as usually is the case. My decoction is increasing doses, as usually is the case. My decoction is a nontoxic drink made from herbs which are of definite benefit for cancer.

“I have felt that once the cancer becomes active, traveling as it does along the line of least resis- tance . . insidiously, on its relentless course, any destructive agency applied to the human body can only do more harm (chemotherapy, radiation, sur- gery).

“I have found that no matter where the malig- nancy may be in the human body, surgery would be much more successful after the treatment of my herbal remedy, followed by continued treatment over a period of time; then there would be no re- currence of the tumor. In the case of breast cancer, the primary growth will usually invade the mam- mary gland of the opposite breast or the auxilla (armpit), or both. My treatment, I found, reduces the secondary growth into the primary mass, en- larging it for a time. When it became localized, it was encapsulated and could then be removed with- out danger of recurrence. In one instance, a pa- tient with breast cancer was instructed by her doc- tor to take my treatment before undergoing sur- gery; however after a brief treatment the cancer had completely disappeared, with no recurrence.

“Most importantly, and this was verified in ani- mal tests conducted at the Brusch Medical Center and other laboratories, it was discovered that one of the most dramatic effects of taking this remedy was its affinity for drawing all the cancer cells, which had spread, back to the original sight, at which point the tumor would first harden, then later it would soften until it vanished altogether or, more realistically, the tumor would decrease in size to where it could then be surgically removed with minimum complications.

The following statement by this dedicated nurse summarizes her observations after giving Essiac to cancer sufferers for many years. We es- pecially include it because it describes the man- ner in which spreading cancer will frequently re- turn to the original tumo , which will then harden and grow smaller. “My treatment is nontoxic herbs. It goes to the seat of the trouble no matter where it is whether internal or on the surface, and gives healthy cells the strength to resist the demands of the malig- nant cells for the substance upon which the malig- nancy thrives, thus causing a recession of the ma- lignant cells from the healthy cells, which have become stronger. “I can truthfully say that I have in many cases been able to stay the disease (cancer) and in some really bad cases prolong life. In practically all cases, pain and suffering were alleviated so that the pa-

“In certain cases and at certain stages of the dis- ease, the cancer would act as if it were ‘coming to a head,’ similar to an abscess. It would then break down and slough away. These people all reported that when the mass breaks, it isn’t like puss but like a cottage cheese substance that comes away. Still other types will enlarge until the mass is lo- calized, then loosen and reduce in size until there is nothing left, having been absorbed into and car- ried off by the blood stream and body waste.

“Other observations I’ve made over my years of practice: The treatment allowed patients to sleep in greater comfort than they had in the past, and the increased appetite and weight, diminished pain, decreased tumor size, and longer life span were all attested to by doctors in attendance. Dr. Banting, who examined case after case, was especially im- pressed with the effect of the treatment on the pan- creas and possibly other sluggish glands which it

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