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Alternate Cancer Remedies

The primary Gerson treatment center is Hos- pital Meridien, Lava #2971, Secc. Costa Hermosa, Playas de Tijuana, B.C., Mexico, CP22240. Phone: 011-52-66-801358. Fax: 011-52-66-801831. Web: Meriden@telnor.net.

Hospital Meridien is 30 minutes south of downtown San Diego.

A recently opened U.S. treatment center is the Gerson Center at Sedona, 78 Canyon Diablo, Sedona, AZ 86351. Phone or write the Bonita, Cali- fornia, office, above. GCS, the Sedona facility, is located 100 miles north of Phoenix and 28 miles south of Flagstaff, near Sedona, a small town of 8,000.




Medical researchers, your attention is to be called to the fact that most of the cancer treatments in this book deal with only one or a few of the following factors; whereas the Gerson therapy includes them all.

Consider these factors, needed for the re- covery of cancer; all of which are included in the Gerson therapy:

  • Nourish the body.

  • Attack the cancer tissue and weaken it.

  • Cause the cancer tissue to begin dissolv-

ing as it is absorbed by the body and carried to the liver for discharge from the body.

  • Strengthen the body while the cancer is

being expelled.

  • Detoxify the liver of the accumulated poi-

sons from the reabsorbed tumor masses.

  • Clean the entire gastro-intestinal tract of

these toxins.

  • Rebuild the body to a state of health even

better than before the cancer started years be- fore.

Summarizing the above, key factors in the Gerson therapy is nourishing the body, destroy- ing the cancer tissue, and cleansing it from the body.

Very, very few other cancer methods thor- oughly correct the diet and greatly improve gen- eral nutrition. Gerson does this.

No other therapy systematically works to cleanse the discharged accumulation of cancer and other poisons from the body. Gerson does this.

Putting it all together, Gerson has the most

complete recovery system, one which can be used on any degenerative disease.

In 1907, at the age of 25, Max Gerson began trying to devise a way to eliminate disease through the use of diet and related natural factors. For the next 52 years, until his death in 1959, he kept improving on that method.

Then, in 1977, the Gerson Institute was opened; and, from that time until the present, they have tried to improve on Max’s basic method. The result is over 70 years of—not research—but clinical observation, experimentation, and im- provement.

No other cancer therapy has such a long record. In addition, the Gerson Institute uses more nutritional factors than any other named therapy in this book, and it uses more of the methods described in Part Two of this book.

Lastly, the Gerson therapy can be done at home if you do not have the $5,000 or so per week to be at the Gerson Institute. Unlike some of the alternate cancer systems, Gerson hides no secrets. They tell it all—exactly how to get well.

The best way to learn how the therapy works is to order a copy of the two books, The Gerson Primer and A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases, and carefully read in them. If only one book can be obtained, the best is the Primer.

Gerson believed that cancer would not occur in bodies with properly balanced and functioning livers, pancreas, thyroid, and immune systems.

He found that, using his dietary regime, he was able to reverse the majority of cancer in patients that came to him. It primarily consisted of a simple, no-salt diet, supplemented ten times a day with freshly crushed juices of fruit (primarily apple) and vegetables (primarily carrot), taken at hourly in- tervals. In addition, the patients were given some vegetable soups and a little waterless-cooked veg- etables.

This flooded the body, everyday, with the nu- trients from nearly 20 pounds of fresh, organic foods. His program, with some improvements, continues to be carried on by the Gerson Insti- tute.

In addition to the careful diet, while they are initially being treated, patients take 3-4 coffee en- emas a day. Placed in the bowel, coffee has an en- tirely different effect on the body than when it is drunk. It causes the bile ducts to be opened and toxins to be ejected from the liver, where they have been sent as the tumor tissue breaks down. The Gerson nutritional program causes the body to

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