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Gerson Therapy

send toxins from the shrinking cancer tissue, and elsewhere, to the liver which ejects it through the gallbladder into the intestines. But such a great mass of toxins are being transported at this criti- cal time, the liver is overloaded and needs help.

If this liver and bowel cleansing does not con- tinually take place, the patient will often continue to weaken, and the pain will intensify. It is danger- ous not to cleanse the liver!

The enemas quickly reverse the situation, re- sulting in a remarkable lessening of pain and a general sense of improvement.

With the liver relieved of its burden, it increases in health, even amid the cleansing program which requires hard work on its part.

In addition, there is other added supplemen- tation from various substances such as pepsin, potassium, Lugol’s solution (a powerful source of supplementary iodine), niacin, pancreatin, and thy- roid extracts. These stimulate various organ func- tions, especially the liver and thyroid.

(At the Senate hearings, Gerson said that he added iodine to his program because he found it counteracted the neoplastic [cancer-inducing] ef- fects of certain hormones.)

Gerson’s program is high in raw, unprocessed plant food, low in fat, and emphasizes potassium- rich foods. It also includes vitamin and mineral supplementation, especially high doses of vitamin C.

Gerson believed part of the problem was the oversalting of food by Western Civilization. The ratio of potassium to sodium needed to be cor- rected. He found that cancer patients generally had an excess of sodium, far outweighing the potas- sium in their bodies. Sodium acts as a poison in the body, inhibiting enzymes. In contrast, potas- sium is an enzyme activator. (By the way, do not brush your teeth with soda! It is sodium and is absorbed right through the walls of the mouth.)

The modern American diet reverses the nor- mal 4 to 1 (potassium to sodium) ratio to our cur- rent 16-fold deterioration in this crucial balance of electrolytes. All your cells are bathed in a salty ocean water, with higher concentrations of potas- sium inside the cells.

Birger Jansson, Ph.D., of the University of Texas, found that patients with a higher sodium to potassium ratio in their diets were the ones most likely to have cancer. Stephen Thompson, Ph.D., at the University of California, San Diego, found that increasing the sodium content of the diet— would accelerate the rate at which metastasis of colon cancer in animals occurred.

The potassium-rich foods revitalize the body, so that it rids the body of malignancies; and the


enemas aid the liver and bowels in eliminating the cast-off dead cancer cells. The Gerson therapy re- quires intensive detoxification with continuous en- emas, which must also remove necrotic cancer tis- sue.

Gerson said he lost some patients in his ear- lier years, because he was unaware of the need to remove dead tissue. Autopsies later proved that some died, not from their cancers, but from the serious intoxication caused by the body’s attempt to absorb dead cancer tissue.

Another problem he found was that, in the later stages of cancer when the liver has been decidedly weakened, some vitamins (given through supple- ments) can induce a regrowth of cancer tissue, de- spite improved outlook from stimulated metabo- lism. He especially found that the administration of calcium to boys and girls with osteosarcoma, although showing remarkable results at first, were later followed by a rapid and incurable regrowth of cancers 10-14 days later.

Of course, the body receives a large intake of vitamins and minerals through the Gerson diet, but that is never a problem.

Gerson’s most tragic loss occurred in 1942, when 25 of 31 patients who had been symptom- free for several months, were influenced by physi- cians to go on, what was then called the “Huggins therapy,” which was the administration of hor- mones of the opposite sex. Although they felt much better after a few weeks on these hormones, their cancers suddenly became worse and Gerson was unable to save them. Max really cared for people, and this disaster so crushed him that he almost gave up his medical practice. He sorrowed deeply over the death of anyone.

One of the 25 was the 16-year-old son of John Gunther, the well-known author of Inside Euro- pe, John, Jr., was showing remarkable improve- ment, but his other physicians were determined that he be also placed on the hormones.

Years after Max Gerson’s death, when the Gerson Institute was established, it continued on with Gerson’s methods. When laetrile appeared, the Gerson Institute was quick to recognize its value and incorporate it into the program.

Charlotte Gerson says that the cancer patients who have the most difficult time recovering on the program are the ones who have been operated on or have received radiation or chemotherapy treat- ments.

Here are several items which the Gerson In- stitute has found to be absolutely forbidden, in order to provide proper recovery from cancer:

  • Water with fluoride, chlorine, chemicals, wa-

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