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Alternate Cancer Remedies

books, that a section will be included here to dis- cuss them.

A CANCER THERAPY—Of the four books which Gerson wrote, his most important was A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases, which was pub- lished in 1958. This, his largest book, explained in some detail his methods. In the years since then, the book has sold a quarter million copies, and was in its 5th edition; but the revised editions were terminated in 1996. It was recognized that enough improvements had been made in the program in recent years, that it was best to encourage people to obtain a copy of the Gerson Primer.

Only the original edition of A Cancer Therapy is now available. It is still useful for providing much background information on the program; yet all the practical details needed by researchers, phy- sicians, and laymen is to be found in a recent book: The Gerson Primer.

The original edition of A Cancer Therapy does not include the two appendixes at the back. The first appendix, by Charlotte Gerson, has been ex- panded into the second of the above-named books. The second appendix, by Max Gerson, is included in a small 41-page booklet which is included with each purchase of the original edition of A Cancer Therapy.

THE GERSON PRIMER—This book, prepared by the staff of the Gerson Institute, was first re- leased in 1993 and is now in its 4th edition. A copy is given to every patient arriving at the Gerson Institute for treatment. A brief recipe book is in- cluded at the back.


The present author has com- pleted a simple, systematic pre- sentation of the Gerson Therapy. For the first time, every aspect is organized in easy-to-locate cat- egories. You will now be able to quickly find what you are looking for.

Entitled, The Gerson Therapy for Those Dying of Cance , this 44- page book clearly outlines the en- tire, basic procedure.

Max Gerson’s book, A Cancer Therapy: Re- sults of Fifty Cases, now outdated, was somewhat disorganized since it was done in patchwork after his original manuscript was stolen, and only shortly before his death. For those who obtain a copy of the book, the practical information on how to carry on the therapy, as he outlined in the back in 1956-1957, will be found on pages 187-248; with a concise summary on pages 235-248. The first 185 pages of Cancer Therapy had interesting information. Here are some examples: “The rare incidence of malignant tumors in countries where garlic is used in greater amounts . . cannot be explained. I have seen two cancers of the breast disappear with the use of Fenu- greek seed tea in large amounts, combined with a saltless vegetarian diet. Two others were cured after the patients drank green leaf juice only for six to eight months.”—A Cancer Therapy, 96. “A person who stays on the program (as it is given today) will, in a year’s time, take in 1,800 pound of carrots, 1,300 pounds of apples, 145 heads of red cabbage, 400 heads of lettuce, and 125 pounds of green peppers.”—Op. cit., 143.

Here are the five steps in the progression of cancer: “1. Slow intoxication and alteration of the whole body, especially the liver. 2. Invasion of the Na [sodium] group, loss of K [potassium] group, followed by tissue edema. 3. Lower elec- trical potentials in vital organs, more edema, accumulation of poisons, loss of tension, to- nus, reduced reactivation and oxidation power, differentiation of some cells. 4. Cancer starts: general poisoning increases, vital functions and energies decrease. Cancer increases. 5. Further destruction of the metabolism and liver paren- chya. Cancer rules. It is acting, spreading. 6. Loss of last defense. Hepatic coma; death.”— Op. cit., 102 [see 64-65 for the three stages of cancer and 72-73 for the effect of each of those stages on the liver].

Gerson discovered that, in both hypothyroid- ism and hyperthyroidism, the thyroid does not have enough iodine! “In both, the iodine content is decreased in the thyroid, in hyperthyroidism even up to 1/ 10th of the normal. The difference is that blood iodine is markedly elevated in most cases of hyperthyroidism, which it is decreased in hy- pothyroidism”—Op. cit., 115.


See the last page in this present book for details.

The basic Gerson therapy, obtainable at the Gerson Institute, is relatively inexpensive (at the present time about $5,000 a week for the patient

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