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Alternate Cancer Remedies

rily of a brief summary of a somewhat tech- nical 15-page, December 1990, report by Gar Hildenbrand, now on pages 20-34 of the lat- est (4th) edition of The Gerson Prime .

Cancer has been a mystery for thousands of years. We are now coming closer to an understand- ing of cause, nature, and remedy. Here is a brief overview.

from the cell and replace it with potassium. This is done by (1) heavily restricting sodium and salt products in the diet, (2) flooding the body with an excess of potassium-rich foods, and (3) removing toxins from the bloodstream.

As this is done, the sodium and water begins leaving the damaged cells, to be replaced by po- tassium and more normal conditions.

Every living creature is made up of cells. Within each cell are hundreds of complicated structures, and thousands of activities and interactions.

In order to accelerate this process, the Gerson therapy gives the patient higher doses of iodine in two different forms.

Cell pathology is the study of what happens when a living cell becomes damaged in some way. A new field of biophysics research explains what happens when our cells are injured or hurt.

We earlier mentioned that the mitochondria, the batteries in the cells, are able to make more ATP and get them working faster—when a special signal comes to do so.

The cellular damage may be caused by oxygen starvation, trauma, poisoning, etc., but the effects are always the same.

As you may know, potassium and sodium are continually in a balancing act within the body. Po- tassium is primarily in the cells, and sodium is primarily in the blood.

When cell damage occurs, first, the cell loses potassium. Second, the damaged cell, is willing to accept sodium. Third, the cell begins swelling with an excess of water. The result is cellular edema.

When this happens, the cell can no longer pro- duce enough energy. And what is the source of that energy?

Free energy is primarily produced by ATP (ad- enosine triphosphate). This is a chemical com- pound produced by the burning of sugar through oxidation. ATP has the ability to be broken in the process of making energy, and then reform and be broken again and again. The compound consists of a linking of three phosphate bonds, linked to an adenosine protein molecule. It is the phosphate which produces the energy.

Nearly all energy produced in your body comes from ATP. Without it, life would immediately cease.

But when the cell becomes swollen with wa- ter, the energy-producing process is crippled—be- cause the mitochondria are flooded. These are shaped like small circular batteries, and that is what they are! They contain the ATP; and, because they have their own DNA and RNA, are able to produce ATP whenever the signal arrives to do so. But when the mitochondria are watersoaked, they cease functioning properly. If the situation is not reversed, they soon stop entirely.

As the body becomes filled with toxins, drugs, heavy metals, and excess food wastes, more and more cells are damaged and begin filling with wa- ter. Eventually degenerative diseases occur.

The Gerson therapy works to remove sodium

It is the arrival of iodine-rich thyroxine, a hor- mone from the thyroid, which is the signal.

In and around every tumor and arthritic joint in the body are cells, swollen with water which no longer function properly. Sodium always attracts water, and it has entered the damaged cells, tak- ing the place of the potassium which left when the damage occurred.

It is an intriguing fact that people who are de- bilitated and in bad condition—have an excess of water in their cells. Yet the edema may not be out- wardly detectable.

This excess of water exists not only in fat people, but also in thin people who are debilitated. Those in an advanced stage of cancer have this cellular edema, even though they may appear to be extremely emaciated.

The emaciation is caused by the lack of nor- mal cellular activity. They are no longer properly producing energy, digesting food, making blood, producing harmones, or anything else.

A normal, healthy cell will always have more potassium in it. Only damage to that cell can cause the sodium to enter and take over.

The structure of the entire body is a miracle of God, and all of it points to His marvelous work- ing. You are 55% water; yet all that water within you is actually structured, held in place, inside or outside of the cells by electric ion charges. There are dynamic energies in cells which hold water in an organized pattern.

Within each cell is an electronic current which, as it flows, attracts paramagnetic ions (in this case, the hydrogen) in the water. This attraction causes the hydrogen to line up and point toward the cur- rent.

The result is a layer of polarized water around that electrical charge. Beyond it, in the cell, are additional layers of polarized water. No water floats

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