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Alternate Cancer Remedies

it is impossible to detoxify the body on the one hand and put in drugs and poisons on the other, such as sedation medication—demerol, co- deine, morphine, scopolamine, etc. So we had to put the medication aside which again was a very difficult problem. One patient told me that he had one grain of codeine very two hours and that he got morphine injections. How can you take these away? I told him that the best seda- tion is a coffee enema. After a very short time he had to agree with that. Some of the patients who had been in severe pain didn’t take coffee enemas every four hours as I prescribed—they took them every two hours. But no more seda- tion. After just a few days there was very little pain, almost none . .

“These patients who absorb the big tumor masses are awakened with an alarm clock ev- ery night because they are otherwise poisoned by the absorption of these [broken-up tumor] masses. If I give them only one or two or three enemas, they die of poisoning. I did not have the right as a physician to cause the body to absorb all the cancer masses and then not to detoxify enough. With two or three enemas they were not detoxified enough. They went into a coma hepaticum (liver coma). Autopsies showed that the liver was poisoned. I learned from these disasters that you can’t give these patients too much detoxification . . When I didn’t give these patients the night enemas, they were drowsy and almost semi-conscious in the morn- ing. The nurses confirmed this and told me that it takes a couple of enemas till they are free of this toxic state again. I cannot stress the detoxi- fication enough. Even so with all these enemas, this was not enough! I had to give them also castor oil by mouth and by enema every other day, at least for the first week or so.

“After these two weeks you wouldn’t recog- nize these patents any more! They had arrived on a stretcher and now they walked around. They had appetite. They gained weight and the tumors went down.”—Max Gerson, lecture given in Escondido, California in 1956, re- printed in Appendix 2 of the 2nd through 5th editions of A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases, 409-410, 407-408. [It is not in the origi- nal edition.]

son wants to have anything to do with; yet, if dy- ing of cancer, he would do well to consider it. In such a crisis, it becomes an emergency need.

In the years since Gerson’s death, informa- tional has come to light on how coffee enemas help the body rid itself of those terrible toxic substances.

First, a coffee enema can dilate the bile ducts better than any other known substance, because of palmitates in the coffee. Experiments on rats with these palmitate acid salts produced strong ejection of bile by the liver.

Second, research at the University of Minne- sota has revealed that coffee stimulates an enzyme system in the liver. Called glutathione-S-trans- ferase, it is able to remove a large variety of electrophiles from the bloodstream. The more common name for electrophiles is free radicals. These are charged particles which damage cell membranes if not eliminated as soon as possible. The free radicals are adsorbed by the glutathione- S-transferase, which makes them inert.

The above-named enzyme also triggers the en- zyme system in the liver which is responsible for eliminating free radicals (called the ligandine en- zymes), to increase in activity up to 700% above normal. No other substance but coffee can trigger such intense activity.

These various poisons are made into bile salts which are ejected vigorously from the liver.

The water in the enema stimulates the visceral nervous system, producing peristalsis. This helps the small intestines rush the waste products to the large bowel, where they are carried out of the body.

So, in summary, the basic aspects of the Ger- son therapy are greatly improved and increased nutrition; restricted sodium, protein, and calorie intake; increased potassium and iodine intake; elimination of free radicals from the bloodstream; and cleansing of the bloodstream, liver, and intes- tines.

The result is that the sodium ring around the tumors disappears, the tumor is penetrated by potassium, the tumor is eaten by the T-lympho- cytes, the toxic waste is taken out of the body, and the entire system is nutritionally rebuilt.

Coffee is something that no health-minded per-

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