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Alternate Cancer Remedies

overload which kills the cancer patient, not the tumor. Notice the nice balance that Essiac already has: Burdock root - cleans the blood and helps flush the kidneys. Sorrel - helps fight the tumor, but especially flushes the bowels and the kidneys. Rhubarb - is a blood cleanser, and also re- lieves the stomach, cleans the bowels, and is a mild laxative. Slippery elm bark - soothes the entire gastro- intestinal tract in the process of absorbing toxins and taking them out. It is clear that the above herbs do more clean- ing than fighting—which is very important. If we added echinacea (or goldenseal, red clover tops, etc.) to the four-herb formula, we might produce too much destruction of the tumor, with no re- sources to carry off, and out of the system, the waste products. Before concluding this, let us note the remark- able properties of echinacea. The narrow-leaved purple coneflower (Echinacea angustifolia) is the best source, and better than the pale purple cone- flower (Echinacea pallida) or the purple cone- flower (Echinacea purpurea). Echinacea is truly remarkable! “Plains Indians are said to have used Echin- acea for more medicinal purposes than any other plant group. Root (chewed or in tea) used for snakebites, spider bites, cancers, tooth- aches, burns, hard-to-heal sores and wounds, flu, and colds. Science confirms many tradi- tional uses, plus cortisone-like activity; also insecticidal, bactericidal, and immunostimulant activities. Considered a nonspecfiic immune system stimulant. More than 200 pharmaceu- tical preparations are made from Echinacea plants in W. Germany, including extracts, salves, and tinctures, used in wounds, herpes sores, canker sores, throat infections, preventive for influenza, colds. A folk remedy for brown re- cluse spider bites.”—Foste , 200.

____________________ MORE HERBAL HELP

In addition to those named earlier (Essiac, Hoxsey, Winters, and Montagna), here are still more anti-cancer herbs and formulas. These should provide a field day for researchers:

  • As mentioned in the historical section,

mistletoe, pau d’arco, and chaparral each have received acclaim for success in, at times, remit- ting cancer. Of these, pau d’arco is superior to

chaparral for two reasons: First, it has the same cancer-fighting chemical in it (nordihydro- guaiaretic acid, or KDGA); and, second, it is not as harsh and does not have the side effects that chaparral has at times.

  • It was also mentioned earlier that comfrey,

echinacea, and goldenseal have sometimes been used alone in the treatment of malignancies.

  • Alfalfa has anti-cancer properties.

  • A rectal implant of chlorophyll (in an en-

ema held in the bowel for 30 minutes), taken daily after the bowel is cleaned by enemas or colonics, will help detoxify the system.

  • Cabbage leaf poultices or castor oil packs

may be placed over the tumor. When pain is pre- sent, mix wild lettuce and valerian tincture (10 drops) in warm water and take every hour.

  • Eucalyptus oil may be placed on the affected


  • Tea-tree oil mixed with goldenseal powder

may be placed on the area. (Tea-tree oil is also spelled tee-tree and ti-tree; it is also known as melaleuca.)

  • Here is another one: Simmer sorrel and

plantain in olive oil for 2 hours, let cool, and place the salve on the area.


  • There are nonpoisonous herbs that can pu-

rify the blood and kill malignant growths inter- nally or externally, leaving no bad after effects. Cancer will not survive in a system when the blood stream is pure. Always take herb teas an hour be- fore drinking fruit juice.

  • Here is a useful herbal formula: Mix together

as many of the following powdered herbs as pos- sible (all if you can get them): Chaparral, red clo- ver, echinacea, violet leaves, burdock root, lico- rice root, bloodroot, dandelion root, sanicle, buckthorn bark, and ginger. Place the mixture in 00 (double ought) capsules. Take 2 capsules 4 to 6 times daily. Along with this, garlic, carrot juice, and beet juice could be taken daily. Fluid is needed to neutralize and flush out the poisons.

  • Dr. Hans Neiper, a German cancer special-

ist, uses carnivora, a South American plant.

  • Here is another anti-cancer herbal combi-

nation: Red root, flaxseed, yellow dock, sanicle, witch hazel, tansy, wood sage, white oak bark, rock rose, mullein, hops, mugwort, elder, colts- foot.

  • This is a herbal tea to take internally: chap-

arral tea (especially for skin cancer), apricot seeds, garlic, red clover blossom tea, burdock, echinacea, black walnut, ginseng, goldenseal,

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