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Herbal Preparations

pau d’arco, suma, aloe vera, dandelion root, and violet.

  • Here is a chaparral formula: Each day 4

chaparral tablets (15 grain) and 9 red clover com- bination tablets.

  • Sassafras, red clover, chickweed, and bur-

dock root are good teas to drink, to cleanse the blood.

  • The Red Clover Combination (sold by

Nature’s Way) is similar to Harry Hoxey’s formula which he used for years. Take 4 tablets a day.

  • Australian tee tree oil (tea tree or

melaleuca) is an anti-fungal agent used to treat the common fungal infections coating the mouth, as well as cancer sites. Taking 3-5 drops of melaleuca oil (ti-tree oil), 3 times a day, in a swal- low of water or juice, helps destroy fungus in the blood. Cancer thrives on fungus in the blood, and melaleuca is anti-fungal. It is said that many fatal infections in cancer patients are caused by fun- gus.

  • Periwinkle (Vinca Major, Vinca minor) is re-

ported by British physicians to contain a substance called vinblastine sulphate, which has produced good results against choriocarcinoma and Hodgkin’s disease. Additional research is being conducted for other types of cancer, including lung cancer. The leaves are used.

  • Siberian Ginseng is an adaptogen, which

helps to rectify abnormal cellular metabolism (2- 4 g dried root or 10-20 ml [2.5-5 teaspoon] tinc- ture).

  • Ginkgo biloba dramatically improves periph-

eral circulation, and may slow cancer through oxy- genation (120 mg).

  • Milk thistle is a potent liver protector and

detoxifier (70-210 mg in tablet form).

  • Other anti-cancer herbs include henna,

horehound, juniper berries, mezereon, and Solomon’s seal.

Michael Tierra, in the section on “Cancer” in his book The Way of Herbs, provides this “Pure Blood Formula”: 25% echinacea, 25% chapar- ral, 10% astragalus, 10% American ginseng, 6% red clover blossoms, 6% grifola, 4% fu ling (po- ria cocos), 4% licorice, 4% cayenne, 3% cas- cara sagrada, 3% kelp. Grifola is not defined or even mentioned anywhere else in that book.

Do not forget the special plant formula, men- tioned earlier in this book under comfrey: 5 parts comfrey root, 17 parts comfrey leaves, 7 parts comfrey blossoms, 10 parts red clover, 2 parts myrrh gum, 6-8 parts yucca, 9 parts chaparral, 5-6 parts wormwood, 1 part goldenseal, 2 parts licorice, 1 part argillaceous earth (redmond clay, dolomite, etc.).


  • If a patient cannot be outdoors, place him in

a room with sunshine coming through the win- dows. It should be properly ventilated at all times. He should exercise as much as he can indoors, breathing deeply as he does it.

  • For the weak patient who is unable to exer-

cise out-of-doors, a daily massage is essential. Af- ter about ten days, the rubs may be reduced to one or more weekly.

  • If he is not thin, give him frequent sweat

baths, followed by salt glows (rubbing his arms, trunk, and legs with cloth mittens dipped in salt). This helps eliminate more poisons. Place a towel, wrung out of cold water, around the neck to keep the head cool. Change it frequently during the sweat bath. If he has heart trouble, place an ice bag over the heart.

  • If he is strong enough, give him a cold, damp

towel rub every morning. Alternately placing hot and cold packs on the liver, stomach, spleen, and spine will also help. (Also place it over the abdo- men, if the problem is in the bowels or pelvis.) Also place an herbal liniment over the affected area and on the back.

  • Queen of the meadow is an antiseptic used

to treat disease of the uterus and cancer of the womb.

  • Here is an herbal formula used by one herb-

alist for malignancies: pumpkin seeds, mandrake, comfrey, violet, culvers root, cascara sagrada, witch hazel, mullein, and slippery elm.

  • To make the herbal liniment, mix 2 ounces

powdered myrrh, one ounce powdered goldenseal, ½ ounce cayenne pepper, 1 quart rubbing alcohol (70% strength). After mixing, let stand for 7 days; shake well every day; decant off the top liquid (with- out disturbing the sediment beneath); and bottle the liquid.

  • Blue violet (Viola odorata) is used inter-

nally and externally for tumors and other malig- nant growths. Blue violet seems to be able to reach places only the blood and lymphatic fluids pen- etrate. The flowers and leaves are used.

  • Here is an herbal formula to help cleanse

the blood. It has been recommended for cancer by an experienced herbalist:

  • Burdock - blood purifier, promotes kidney

function, to clear the blood of harmful acids.

  • Yellow dock - nutritive tonic very high in iron,

nourishes the liver and spleen.

  • Chaparral - cleans deep into the muscles and

tissue walls; cleans system of toxic wastes.

  • Dandelion - helps liver to detoxify poisons,

blood purifier and cleanser, rich in vitamins and min- erals.

  • Barberry - promotes bile in the liver to clean

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