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Putting It All Together

  • Part Seven –

Putting it All Together



This chapter represents the opinion of the author as to what may possibly be the best method for medical researchers to produce re- gression of malignancies. That does not mean it is actually the best, nor that anyone other than a medical expert should use it. Read again the warnings, given at the beginning of this book, against self-therapy.

This book is particularly written for research- ers; and, throughout it, the need for additional research has been indicated, along with a wealth of fields of study which need to be explored or expanded on.

ment. Revici used chemicals to correct lipid/fatty

acids and pH balance. Sheridan used a chemical to inhibit cancer

respiration. Blumer used chelation chemicals. Naessens used chemicals for leukemia. He

also injected a camphor nitrogen com- pound into the lymph system. Gold used hydrazine sulphate Livingston used a vaccine to kill cancer

bacteria, along with nutrition and lifestyle changes. Rosenow used hydrogen peroxide.

But research into individual herbs, chemicals, or extracts is not really the full solution to the can- cer problem. It is obvious that an overall change in one’s way of life is required in order to experi- ence fullest success in ridding the cancer curse from the body.

Researchers, I appeal to you: Carry out test- ing on broad areas of change, not just micro- cosms here and there! We are past that point. There is enough nutritional, and other, data in hand, to formulate a very effective overall pro- gram!

However, so much information has been in- cluded in this book, that it can appear quite daunt- ing to put it together into a carefully balanced, sys- tematic whole. So, in this section we will overview and summarize many of the areas, covering the best of the findings.

ANTIBIOTICS Gregory used an antibiotic to kill cancer microorganisms. He also used major diet changes.

SERUMS Glover used a serum from horse blood. Durovic and Ivy used a growth-control extract

from horses

BIOLOGIC FACTORS Lawrence used a factor in urine. Danopoulos used urea from urine. Burzynski used factors synthesized from

human urine. Burton used a factor extracted from mouse

blood. Lane and Evers used shark cartilage.

First, let us categorize the cancer thera- pies discussed in Parts Two to Four:

CHEMICALS Koch used a chemical injection to change toxins into antitoxins. He also used a very strict diet. Evers also used the Koch treat-

BACTERIA Lincoln used parasitic viruses (bacterioph- ages) to feed on, and destroy, cancer- causing microorganisms.

GLANDULAR EXTRACTS Beard used pancreatic enzymes

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