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Alternate Cancer Remedies

Coffey and Humber used adrenal cortex

extract from sheep. Wachtel used posterior pituitary extract. Beale and Koroljow used insulin.

FEVER THERAPY (HYPERTHERMIA) Coley, Koch, Issels, and Gerson used fever therapy. Coley’s excitement agent was strep germs, Koch’s was tissue thrombin, Gerson’s was hot water.

OXYGEN THERAPY Koch, Evers, Issels, Sweet, and Gerson used oxygen therapy (note Warburg’s theory).

HERBAL MIXTURES Lambe and Blake used unknown herbal

mixtures. Fell and Pattison, each used a single herb

(possibly the same one), plus zinc choride. As reported in Lancet and elsewhere, some

used comfrey, plus other herbs. Evans used an unknown herbal formula,

accompanied by prayer. Hoxsey used a 14-herb formula, which we now

whole wheat. Krebs, Sr., Krebs, Jr., Richardson, Evers, and others used a purified extract from apricot kernels. Richardson, Kowan, and Contreras added major nutritional changes.

CAREFUL DIET Bell used a careful vegetarian diet and avoided constipation. Bulkley and Chase used a careful diet, plus enemas. Wigmore used the juice of fresh, young wheat grass, plus a careful diet. Kelley used fresh fruits, vegetables, and almonds, along with vitamin-mineral supplements. Issels used major nutritional changes, empha- sizing organic foods, along with life changes and the elimination of toxic sub- stances, such as amalgam. Gerson used juice therapy, a strict diet, plus a variety of other factors (enemas, potassium iodide, etc.).

know. Caisse used 4 herbs, which we now know. Santi used pau d’arco. Hajito used European mistletoe. Farr, Smart, and Hogle used chaparral leaves

and stems. Montagna used 9 primary and 14 secondary

COMBINED THERAPY Some researchers have developed a wide-rang- ing anti-cancer program. This would include Bulkley, Chase, Kloss, Evers, some laetrile phy- sicians, and the Gerson Institute.

herbs. Winters used 3 herbs.

____________________ WHAT IS THE BEST APPROACH?

VITAMINS Pauling and Cameron used vitamin C, plus

nutritional and lifestyle changes. Newbold used vitamin A and beta-carotene. Livingston used abscisic acid (probably a

vitamin) in food to control cancer. Gerson used niacin and vitamin C. Kneki used vitamin E. Karmali used omega-3.

MINERALS Schrauzer used selenium. Asai used germanium-132. Siris used clodronate, a variant of calcium. Ross used a mixture of potassium citrate,

phosphate, and iodide. Gerson used a mixture of potassium glucon-

ate, acetate, and phosphate along with Lugol’s solution for idiodine.

FOOD EXTRACT Drosnes and Lazenby used a fresh extract of

There are so many cancer treatment methods, that it almost bewilders the mind. A researcher might wonder where to start, what to do.

Certain principles need to be kept in mind: 1 - Use no method which is poisonous. 2 - Use substances and techniques which people can use at home.

3 - Use a rounded approach which covers all needed aspects.

4 - Use a method which has shown itself, for years, to be a proven method.

It is too late to spend time experimenting with new things, all the while that people are dying all over the world! There are enough meth- ods which have been shown to work; let us fo- cus on the best of them.

Researchers, some of your patients will pre- fer to avoid all the problems and just continue on as they are—but continuing to do whatever they have done in the past is what gave them the cancer!

Some will want to obtain orthodox therapy.

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