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Putting it All Together

You will need to explain to them that there are alternative ways to treat cancer which are far more effective.

In view of the large number of possible meth- ods, where should the researchers focus their at- tention? If each researcher were to ask himself the question, “What would I do if I suddenly learned I had an advanced case of cancer?”—he would re- spond, “I would want to be treated by the therapy which, historically, has had the highest rate of suc- cess!”

In Part Four of this book, we discovered that, over a period of more than 70 years, the Gerson therapy has been clinically developed to its present state, and that it has the highest five- year survival rate.

Few other treatments have had the opportu- nity of over a half century of continued improve- ment. In addition, it is an eclectic program, bor- rowing the best from nutrition and other fields. It is also one of the very few which uses a broad nu- tritional program, including fresh juices—and it is the only one which includes a systematic pro- gram to cleanse the liver and hasten excretion of toxins.

The current costs at the Gerson Institute would be about $5,000 a week for the cancer sufferer and a helper he would bring with him (to prepare the juices, etc.). That includes all standard charges, including the food; but it does not include other services, such as labwork or procedures (hyper- baric chamber, laetrile, etc.). It is requested that the patient be there at least three weeks, with a one-week minimum.

Fortunately, the Gerson Institute has explained their methods in two books, so poorer individu- als can take the therapy at home.

Medical researchers, the Gerson therapy is the best for your patients—all your patients— for they will generally have only one chance at a therapy, before dying. To summarize it again:

1 - It has succeeded for half a century. 2 - It has the highest rate of long-term suc- cess.

3 - It has repeatedly been improved. 4 - It is the only known therapy which pro- vides a rounded approach to getting rid of can- cer:

(1) - It provides strong nourishment to strengthen a person’s body and organsthrough juices, food, potassium, iodine, niacin, etc.

(2) - It weakens the cancer tissue, and dis- solves it—through laetrile, Essiac, Pau d’arco, and heat therapy.


(3) - Of very great importance, it provides a means of accelerating the discharge of toxins from the body, toxins stirred up by the entire program and the gradual dissolution of the can- cer site—through special enemas, and castor oil.

It is this thorough approach which is so cru- cial. It is not enough to kill the tumor; it must be removed from the body. It is not enough to do both; the entire body must be nourished back to a strong, healthy condition.

The cancer tissue must be attacked, reduced, and dissolved—without injuring surrounding nor- mal tissue.

The cancer patient generally dies from liver overload (hepatic coma), not from the cancer. So much toxins have been sent to the liver to be pro- cessed and discharged out through the bowels, that the liver collapses under the burden. Vigorous mea- sures to discharge the toxins from the liver, through the bile, must be carried out.

The blood stream, organs, and tissues must be built up, and major diet and lifesytle changes must be made—or the cancer will later return.

The Gerson therapy also makes use of other worthwhile methods, as well: iodine, oxygen, po- tassium, heat therapy, laetrile, Essiac, Pau d’arco, and selective vitamin therapy.

Health researchers, the people need educa- tion; they need instruction, so they can hence- forth care for themselves and help still others. There simply are not enough physicians avail- able for all the people suffering from disease. In addition, the costs of medical treatment in the hospitals keeps skyrocketing, due to high- tech equipment and high-priced drugs and sur- gery. The only solution is to teach the people how to take care of themselves.

Clinicians, you would need to instruct each patient to order a copy of A Gerson Prime , by the staff of the Gerson Institute (currently $19.95). Also helpful is A Cancer Therapy, by Max Gerson (currently $19.95). In the latter book, tell him to read 187-248 and 391-422; and explain that the actual program is summarized on 235-248.

In the Primer, the patient will find the entire program, including information not found in Can- cer Therapy (such as more detailed instruction on how to do the program at home).

____________________ WHAT WOULD I DO IF I HAD CANCER?

This present book has so much information on the subject, that it is difficult to know where to

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