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Alternate Cancer Remedies

begin. Fortunately, the present writer has a fair understanding of what is in this book, since he has just finished writing it.

So, as a help to the researchers, it might be well if I said how I would use this book to pro- tect myself from contracting cancer,—and what information I would use in this book if I dis- covered that I had it!

Perhaps this section will spur researchers in their work. It would be well if medical research- ers paused to think what they would do if they had cancer! Such an approach might turn them down a new, more practical pathway of investiga- tion.

I do not have cancer; but, according to the sta- tistics, there is one chance in three that I will con- tract it, and one chance in four that I will die of it. There is also clear evidence that, if I live and eat very carefully, I am far less likely to ever experi- ence malignancies.

Please understand, the following statements represent the opinion of the present writer. They may contain many errors of judgment, and they are not provided for self-diagnosis or treatment by laymen. They are spurs to investigation, and are not for anyone to follow!

In order to prevent cancer from developing, I would carefully read through Part One (pp. 16-43) of this book. I would need to begin a better way of life. Diet is important; but exercise outdoors, adequate rest, and other factors are equally im- portant. A peaceful, abiding trust in God is cru- cial to success. I would want to make the Bible promises in Part One my own (pp. 31-32).

Skin cancers can begin all through adult life. If I found that I had skin cancer, I would crush a small piece of garlic and place it on the colored area alone, with a little tissue and tape over it. I would change this every evening and morning. In about 3 or 4 days, I have good reason to believe that it would have sloughed off. (I have already successfully done it.)

If I thought that I might have a more seri- ous cancer, I would begin praying even harder than before. One of the things I would have to first decide is how I might ascertain if I really had such a malignancy.

In my case, I would choose not to have a biopsy. That would require cutting into the tumor, which would be a very unwise thing to do! The tumor could begin metastasizing. That is a medi- cal word for “spreading.” I would not want that to happen! Instead, I would want it to remain self- contained until I could devise ways to shrink it

down and eliminate it.

It might be that I knew I had a cancer without further testing. Yet, if tests are needed, safer tests are available.

If I wanted to have a cancer test done, I could turn to pages 180-183, and carefully read the information. One or more of these tests may re- veal if I have cancer developing in my body, even though I have no outward evidence of it.

Let us say that I have discovered that I do, indeed, have a cancer. Well, that is just fine. Now I have work to do! —You might say, “What a crazy attitude to have!” Ah, but it is exactly the best attitude for me to have. If I become discour- aged and depressed, the general health of my en- tire body will begin spiraling downward; and that is not solving anything.

Instead, I will be hopeful and confident that the best will come, whatever it may be. Accom- panied by prayer and trust in God, I set to work to solve this problem. I have spent a lifetime solv- ing problems, and this is just another one to tackle. After that, there will be many more before I die. Problems can be an adventure, if you approach them in the right way.

The next question is What should I do about


  • I can ignore it and hope for the best.

  • I can take one of the three orthodox treat-

ments (surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation).

  • I can go to an alternative cancer clinic or


  • I can stay home and treat it myself.

First, I am not going to ignore the matter. That would always be a foolish decision.

Second, I choose not to undergo orthodox treatments. I am an adult and have the legal right to take the orthodox treatment, refuse it, take an alternative therapy, or treat myself. For reasons cited in the section on Authorized Treatments” (pp. 175-179), I choose not to take the orthodox approach, in spite of what my friends and rela- tives may tell me. I am happy in my decision, for I believe I have made a good one. I will not be dis- suaded.

Next, I have to decide whether to go to an alternative therapy clinic or treat myself at home.

In order to determine that, first, I might wish to read again through portions of this book. I need to carefully think through this. There is a lot of information there, yet many of those therapies are no longer available.

Some of the most important material is

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