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Putting it All Together

marked in bold print in the table of contents (pp. 3-7). I would do well to look up each item in the table of contents which is in bold print and carefully read it again, especially those in Parts 2 through 6 (pp. 44-166).

At this point, I am still trying to decide whether to treat myself at home or go to a clinic—and which one I might enter.

Perhaps I might wish to contact an alter- nate therapy referral center. Over the past sev- eral decades, a number of individuals have banded together and formed organizations which provide information on alternate cancer therapies to whoever wants it (pp. 188-189). People gener- ally became involved in such groups because of orthodox treatment tragedies in the lives of their loved ones or surprising success at an alternative cancer clinic. I can phone one or more of those organizations and see what they have to say, while continuing to weigh my options.

But, instead, I turn to the clinic addresses listed in this book, for a number of currently available therapies. Those addresses are listed both at the end of their respective chapters, and also in the therapies section at the back of the book (pp. 188-189). Sixteen clinics are listed there.

In considering a clinic decision, I am especially interested in finding one which uses natural rem- edies rather than chemicals, and one which has a broad range of lifestyle corrections. I wish the Chase (pp. 59-63) and Bulkley (pp. 47-48) clinics were still open, but they are not.

Yet, of those clinic therapies currently avail- able, in my view only two fit the category of sys- tematized nutrition: The laetrile method (pp. 117-129) and Gerson method (pp. 142-156). Both include a broad range of changes.

Checking this out more closely, I find that the Gerson treatment is more scientifically de- tailed, includes both in-depth nutrition, as well as careful body and liver cleansing as the tu- mor breaks up.

The Gerson method also has the longest record of clinical experimentation and improve- ment (from 1907 to 1959, and 1977 to the present time—over 70 years.

Reading once again the section entitled, “Supplement - Gerson Therapy: Introduction,” on pp. 131-134, which summarizes the benefits of the Gerson method, I decide that the Gerson Institute clinic in the Tijuana suburbs (Hospital Meridien) is the one I will go to. I do not particu- larly like some of the substances I might receive there, but I will soon be dying of cancer if I do not


obtain thorough help somewhere! The dietetic problems at Gerson are better than letting people cut me up or fill me with chemical poisons. I am also deeply impressed by the fact that the Gerson Clinic has a better long-term sur- vival record than the laetrile clinics. “By application of these principles, the Gerson Therapy is able to achieve almost rou- tine recovery—90% or better—from early to in- termediate cancer. When cancer becomes incur- able by orthodox methods (i.e., involves the liver or pancreas or is metastasized inside the body), about 50% recoveries can be achieved by the Gerson method. “Norman Fritz gives laetrile as an example of other good nontoxic therapies. It has a good short-term response—relief from pain, remis- sion of malignancy, improvement in appetite and sense of well-being or increase in strength— in 70% or 80% of cancer cases. The long-term recovery rate, however, is about 15% or less. In most cases degeneration progresses to where the laetrile is no longer sufficient. In some cases other nontoxic therapies may be constructively combined with the Gerson Therapy. “The other big advantage of the Gerson Therapy is that it usually heals the body of all the degenerative diseases rather than just heal- ing cancer. Many cancer patients are suffering from other degenerative conditions also—arthri- tis, heart conditions, diabetes, etc.”—Cancer News Journal, 1983 Update.

Phoning the Gerson Institute number in Bonita, California (619-585-7600; fax 619-585- 7610), they mail me some literature on their program. Reading it, I learn still more. I find that I will have to take someone with me to the hospital to prepare my juices, etc., and it will, at the present time, cost about $5,000 a week to be at Hospital Meridien; for cancer, they prefer that I be there a minimum of three weeks.

Unfortunately, I am not sure if I can get some- one to go with me; and, when I sit down and count my pennies, I find I do not have enough to go there! This is unfortunate, for obviously it would be a fantastic educational program! Both I, and the person accompanying me, would learn all the ins and outs of the ongoing, daily program.

The brochure says that my medical insurance policy might cover it, and that I should contact “American Metabolics at 619-425-4625” in Bonita, California, to ascertain that. But then I have no medical insurance either.

Next I learn that all the basic Gerson daily treatment information is given in the two Gerson books: A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases,

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