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Alternate Cancer Remedies

by Max Gerson, and The Gerson Prime , by the Gerson Institute. The Primer is the book they give every patient who goes there; it explains what their procedure! Turning to the back of the brochure they have sent me, I find both books listed; they are $19.95 each. Well, I do not have $15,000 for a three-week stay, but I do have $40.00. So I order the books.

While waiting for them to arrive, I do more checking. Perhaps I live alone, am in terrible shape, and have no one to help me with the Gerson treatments. Perhaps I really do not want to do all the work involved, and imagine I can get by on a simpler program.

So, once again, I begin browsing. In the present book, Parts One (pp. 16-43) lists over 200 cancer preventive do’s and don’ts. I have to make sure I am doing all that. Doing that alone will be a good improvement.

Still thinking that I may be able to do some- thing different than Gerson, next, I look at Parts Two (pp. 44-116), Four (pp. 130-141), and Six (pp. 157-166). There I find that everything men- tioned falls into one or the other of several cat- egories:

1 - Treatment methods which are no longer available.

2 - Treatment methods which, for one rea- son or another, are not accessible by me.

3 - Treatment methods which involved diet alone.

4 - Treatment methods which involved herbal formulas.

95). I learn that pau d’arco is easier to take, yet contains the same essential remedial chemical in chaparral, I also discover that the Essiac for- mula is the most proven herbal formula against cancer in the 20th century! I am deeply impressed with its track record. Fortunately, it is now easily obtainable and can be taken orally.

(5) - Some therapies involve materials which I can order by mail, including herbs, nu- trients, and oral hydrogen peroxide.

If I decide not to take the Gerson therapy at home, I can patch together the best of what is available of the above-named special nutri- ents and herbs, along with what I wish to pick and choose from the book, the Gerson Prime .

Or, if I wish, I can scrape together thou- sands of dollars and go to one of the non- Gerson clinics:

(6) - Narrowed clinic treatments which are still available include the laetrile clinics (Richardson’s in Albany, CA, Contreras’ in Tijuana, or Navarro’s in Manila) (pp. 118-129), Revici’s chemicals (pp. 66-67), Burton’s four blood proteins (pp. 77-79), Naessens’ camphor nitrogen compound (pp. 81-82), Gold’s hydra- zine sulphate (pp. 91-94), Siris’ clodronate (pp. 101-102), Lane’s cartilage (p. 102), the hydro- gen peroxide injections (pp. 103-105), Issels nu- tritional program (pp. 102-103), and Burzynski’s urine substances (pp. 105-106). Addresses of all of these are available in the articles (and also at the back of the book on pp. 188-190).

5 - Treatment methods which are narrowed, but which I can order by mail.

6 - Treatment methods which are narrowed in their scope, require going a clinic, and are also expensive.

(1-2) - The first two are out. (3) - As for the dietetic-type therapies: The only dietetic programs outlined to any extent are those of Bulkley (pp. 47-48), Chase (pp. 59-64), and certain physicians using laetrile (pp. 126- 129),—plus, of course, the extensive information in the two Gerson books which will soon arrive in the mail. I do not want to forget important factors, such as beta-carotene (pp. 82-84), vitamin C (pp. 86-89), selenium (pp. 98-100), germanium-132 (pp. 106-107), and omega-3 (pp. 107-108).

(4) - Then there are the herbal formula thera- pies: I find that, while they are listed throughout the book, they are all brought together on 158- 166. Several very important herbs are Essiac (pp. 130-141, 158, 161-166), pau d’arco (p. 81), chaparral (pp. 84-91), and mistletoe (pp. 94-

But I do not have the money to go to any clinics, Gerson’s or otherwise. I will surely miss the excellent training and initial testing I would especially have received at the Gerson hospital.

So I will have to do whatever I can at home. If I have a friend to help me, that will be wonder- ful.

So I must decide whether to fully go on the Gerson therapy or group together a patchwork collection of other therapies. Let me think out loud about what I might do:

1 - All of the various therapies listed in Parts Two to Six are concerned with, in some way, de- stroying the cancer tissue.

2 - A few are concerned about changing the way of life, so the malignancy will not only be eliminated but is not likely to return.

3 - But the Gerson therapy is also deeply concerned also about expelling the broken down cancer tissue from the system. It alone has a sys- tematic way of doing that.

On pages 130-141, 158, and especially on

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