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Putting it All Together

pp. 161-165, I discovered that the Essiac formula does both also. Yet the Gerson therapy may be safer, more thorough, and have better long-term results. It is more than taking some pills; it is about a drastic change in living—primarily keyed to tak- ing vegetable and fruit juices, and eating very nour- ishing food.

If I decide to go on the Gerson nutrition program, for a year and a half, or two years (or longer if I wish), it will primarily require:

  • Making and drinking 13 glasses of freshly

prepared juices everyday. These are vegetable juices (primarily carrot), fruit juices (primarily apple), and green leaf juice.

  • Preparing and eating some vegetables which

are simmered in little water until well done.

  • Eating some raw vegetables, grated if neces-


  • Preparing and eating a vegetable soup.

  • Taking several supplements, including io-

dine for the thyroid and hydrochloric acid for the stomach,—but especially potassium for the cells. Eliminating the use of all oils, except flaxseed oil is important.

The nutritional program rebuilds the system and strengthens it to attack and begin destroying the cancer tissue. I must not (not) fast when I have cancer! I must feed the undernourished body, so it can destroy that cancer!

If I decide to go on part or all of the Gerson cleansing program, it is extremely important that the waste substances, cast off by the body at this time, are being expelled. Therefore:

  • I must take low enemas (Gerson found that

high enemas or colonics should not be taken, for they wash out certain minerals from the bowels).

The frequency of enemas should be increased when evidence of toxicity buildup occurs. This will be indicated by headaches, fever, nausea, intesti- nal spasms, and drowsiness. If they are not present, less enemas are needed.

At some point, I would need to decide if I am going to remain on a mild flushing program or go on a more intensive one.

If I choose to remain on a slower ejection of toxins, I will take the simple enemas. I can also take Essiac everyday, since this will definitely aid the expulsion process (see pp. 161-165 for the rea- sons why it helps the body do that).

Or I can choose to go on the faster flushing program, used by Gerson. How can I know which I need? First, how advanced is the cancer? If it is in the early stages, I may not need the faster flush- ing. Second, is there pain? The pain is primarily


caused by the need to flush out toxins! The Gerson enemas remarkably stop those pains, because it flushes out those accumulating poi- sons. Individuals with an advanced tumor have died because they did not remain on the special Gerson enemas, which so rapidly flush toxins out of the liver.

Well, what is the Gerson faster-flushing method? It involves the use of coffee enemas. These cause signals to go to the bile ducts, and they open up wide. The toxins from the dissolv- ing tumors are sent through the bloodstream to the liver to be discharged through the gallblad- der into the bowel. But the liver can only work so fast. A toxic overload of the liver causes tox- ins to back up throughout the body and pain is felt. Too much overload and the liver stops func- tioning—and this is called hepatic coma.

People die, not from cancer, but either from hepatic coma or from cachexia, which is general starvation also due to toxic overload in the liver.

Therefore, it is obviously of extreme impor- tance that the body and the liver be cleansed of those toxins, which are being cast off by the sys- tem! It is a life and death matter.

The Gerson faster-flush method uses:

  • Coffee enemas, for the most rapid flushing

of the liver.

  • Additional nutrients to replace minerals and

vitamins lost from the liver during this time. Un- fortunately, that includes liver extract.

  • Because a faster flush is in progress, cas-

tor oil is needed to help clean bile out of the stom- ach and help push the liver-ejected toxins out of the bowels.

  • Chamomile tea and peppermint tea are also


Perhaps my condition is such that I do not need the faster-flush. But if I am in pain and deteriorating, I had best carefully rethink my situation.

In addition to whatever level of the Gerson therapy I might go on, I can also do some other things which will in no wise interfere with the therapy, but actually help improve the situa- tion. I can take:

  • The Essiac formula. That is the only herb

formula I would take, unless I chose to add a little echinacea (and possibly a very small amount of barberry) to it (see pp. 161-165). After writ- ing this book, I have the most respect for Essiac and the Gerson therapy. They have the longest and best track records.

  • Vitamin C.

  • Laetrile.

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