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with plain, water dry with tissue, clean with al- cohol or acetone, and try again.

“b <——— “c ———>

“(6. Allow blood smear to air dry thoroughly, but do not heat or blow on it.

“(7. Fix the smear by immersing in pure methol alcohol for 5 minutes and let air dry thoroughly. After fixing and drying, cover the smear with the second slide for protection.

“(8. Sandwich slides carefully between two thick pieces of cardboard. Scotch tape the edges; write name and address on the card- board cover; enclose age, date, date of previ- ous test, and money order in an envelope, marked “Hand Stamp.” Mail (not registered or special) to: Laboratorio Del Mar, P. O. Box 3973, San Ysidro, California 92073.

Interpretation of report: M Monocytes (damaged) 0%-49%, normal; over 50%, Positive malignancy. N Neutrophyls (damaged) 0%-19%, normal; over 20% Positive malignancy. L Lym- phocytes (small competent), body resistance— Poor: 1%-10%, Fair: 11%-25%, Good: Above 25%.”—International Health Council, A Pro- gram for the Prevention and Detection of Pre- Cance , 10-12.


URINE TESTS—Air mail the sample to: Manuel D. Navarro, M.D. 3553 Sining St., Morningside Terrace Santa Mesa, Manila 2806 Philippines

BLOOD TESTS—Mark “handstamp” and mail

the sample (not registered nor special) to: Laboratorio Del Mar P.O. Box 3973 San Ysidro, California 92073

GERSON BLOOD TESTS—Blood tests for

patients on the Gerson therapy, are sent to: Gerson physician (caring for you) c/o Hospital Baja California Chula Vista, CA 91912 Fax direct dial from U.S.: 011-52-66-80-29-08 Fax from other countries: 52-66-80-29-08

If any of the above addresses goes out of busi- ness, current addresses of testing services could be obtained either from the Gerson Institute (ad- dress given immediately above) or from one of the laetrile or other alternative therapy clinics. Those addresses are listed under “Therapies” at the back of this book.


____________________ GLOSSARY

Ab-dom-i-no-per-i-ne'al re-sec'tion—The large bowel is cut above the cancer and the open end brought out of the abdomen. The tumor and all the bowel from the tumor to the anus is removed and the anus sewn shut. The patient then has bowel movements from an opening on his abdomen. Ad-e-no-ac-an-tho'ma—Adenocarcinoma in which some cells have undergone squamous metaplasia. A cancer cell that looks scale- like under a microscope. Ad-e-no-car-cin-o'ma—A malignant adenoma arising from epithelium of a glandular organ. A cancer which has its origin in the covering of an internal or external surface of the body. Ad-e-no'ma-tous—Pertaining to adenomas. Pertaining to tumors arising from coverings of an internal or external surface of the body. Ad-e-nop'a-thy—Swelling and morbid change in lymph nodes, glandular disease, swollen glands. Al'ky-lat-ing a'gent—1. A substance which introduces an alkyl radical into a compound in place of a hydrogen atom. 2. A chemo- therapeutic agent capable of destroying human cells (cancer and non-cancer cells) at all stages in the cell’s life cycle. An-a-plast'tic—Pertaining to anaplasia. The change of a cell to a more primitive type, often associated with cancer. Car-ci-no'ma—An epithelial cell growth or malignant tumor, enclosed in connective tissue, and tending to infiltrate and give rise to metastases. Cancer. Cer'vi-cal—1. Of, pertaining to, or in the region of the neck. 2. Pertaining to the cervix of an organ, as the cervix uteri. Cer'vi-cal ver'te-brae—First seven bones of the spinal column. Coli'tis—Inflammation of the colon. Co-los'to-my—Incision of the colon for the purpose of making a more or less permanent fistula between the bowel and the abdominal wall. A surgical procedure after which the patient has bowel movements from a hole in the abdomen. Co-ni-za'tion—Excision of a cone of tissue, as of the mucous membrane of the cervix. The purpose of removing the cone of tissue is to see if the tissue is cancerous. cu-ret'tings—Material surgically scraped from a

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