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root, origin, or original. 3. Radical surgery is that surgery in which large amounts of tissue or bone are removed. Rads—Rad is an abbreviation for a radiation- absorbed dose. It is the unit of measure used in calculating how much radiation a body part will receive. Re'nal—Pertaining to the kidney. 2. Shaped like a kidney. Re-tic'u-lo-cyte—A red blood cell containing a network of granules or filaments represent- ing an immature stage in development. Re-tic'u-lum—A network formed by cells or connective tissues between cells. Rhab-do-myo-sar-co'ma—Cancer arising from muscle tissue which appears rod-shaped under a microscope. Sar-co'ma—Cancer arising from underlying tissue: muscle, bone, and other connective tissue. May affect the bones, bladder, kid- neys, liver, lungs, parotids, and spleen. Scir'rhous—Hard, like a scirrhus. A hard cancerous tumor caused by overgrowth of fibrous tissue. Si'tus (in si-tu)—In situ means in position or in place. Cancer in situ refers to a small cancer which has not yet eaten nearby tissue. Squa'mous—Scale-like. Ste-no'sis—Constriction or narrowing of a passage or orifice. Stenosis can be caused by the hard fibrous scar tissue which can be formed following radiation. Tho-ra'cic—Pertaining to the chest or thorax. Trans-u-re'thral—Pertaining to an operation performed through the urethra. Tu-me-fac'tion—A swelling. Act of swelling or the state of being swollen. 3. A tumor. (The word tumefaction is used frequently in place of the word, cancer, or malignant tumefac- tion.) U're-ter—One of two tubes carrying urine from the kidneys to the bladder. Ze'ro-gram—A type of X-ray. This special X-ray shows all tissue in bas-relief. Ze-ro-mam'mo-gram—A type of X-ray of the breast.

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