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Special Preventive Factors


deeply enough or breathing stale air too much. One researcher in the Western world said that forced deep breathing, out of doors, at least 3 times a day to the point of dizziness, will help furnish an ample supply of oxygen.

  • It is well-known that cancer cannot live in

an oxygen-rich environment.

  • (Many researchers seem not to be aware of

the negative ion factor. Breathing deeply out-of- doors supplies both oxygen and negative ions to the body. Negative ions provide a much-needed electric charge by the nerves.)

  • If at all possible, sleep in a room that re-

ceives sunlight during the day. It has been sci- entifically proven that patients’ rooms on the north side of a building have more disease germs on the floor and furnishings.

  • The bedroom should be properly ventilated

at all times.


  • Keep the eliminative organs active. The

five primary ones are the lungs, the skin, the liver, the kidneys, and the bowels. Add to this a sixth: the lymphatic system. Add to that a seventh: the immune system, working together with the white blood cells, the T-cells, and vitamin C. (Vitamin E also purifies and detoxifies, but it carries on this function in the liver.)

  • The first step is to cleanse the blood by re-

lieving constipation, making all the organs of elimination active, and keeping them active. Take herbal laxatives or enemas.

  • A daily bowel movement is essential, even

if an enema or colonic is required. All foods which ferment in the bowel should be avoided. Absolutely no meat or fish!

  • Bowel movements need to be complete

evacuations, even if enemas are necessary. The cleansing program is releasing so many toxins, it is important that they be flushed out. Enough wa- ter must be drunk everyday.

  • If necessary, keep the bowels clean with

herbal laxatives or enemas. When the body is toxic, the bowels become sluggish; waste matter is reabsorbed by the blood and lymphatic system, which is circulated throughout the body and stored in tumors or other trash sites. It is best that you not use these over a long period of time.

  • Many aspects of cancer therapy, including

chemo and radiation therapy, pain killers, and sedatives, reduce muscular contractions in the in- testines, resulting in constipation. Sometimes physical assistance is needed. Using the flat side of your fist, gently massage with rocking motions,

pushing about 1-2 inches. Be gentle and slow! This not only helps reduce constipation, but increases muscle tone.


  • Coal tar dyes are highly carcinogenic. All

artificial colors, flavors, and odors are made from coal tar. You will find them in all soft drinks, cos- metics, and many medicines. Foods which have bright colors, strong flavors, or odors often have coal tar in them. (The FDA lists thousands of ap- proved food additives. The more natural and un- processed the food is, the less likely it is to have additives. Junk foods are the worst.)

  • Research has shown that cyclamates, an ar-

tificial sweetener, will in later years cause cancer of the stomach and other digestive organs. Ditto for saccharin.

  • Food additives like MSG, BHT, BHA, DES,

and others are poisons. Read the labels carefully. Keep in mind that many harmful food additives are not listed on the labels because the FDA con- siders them to be “Generally Regarded as Safe.” Those chemicals you will find in the FDA GRAS List. But that does not mean they are safe!

  • Diethylstilbestrol (Des) has been shown by

the FDA to cause cancer of the uterus, breast, and other reproductive organs. This is an artificial sex hormone widely used in food production. Danger- ous residues of stilbestrol are in 85% of all the meat sold in the United States. This is the main reason why 15 countries around the world now refuse to import American meat; 21 nations have a total ban on the use of stilbestrol in food pro- duction or processing.

  • Nitrosamines cause cancer of the liver, stom-

ach, brain, bladder, kidneys, and several other or- gans. Dr. William Lijinski, of the University of Ne- braska, says they are “perfect carcinogens.” When chemical preservatives and color enhancers are ingested, they cause the body to produce nitro- samines. Another source is nitrates and nitrites, which are heavily added to meat during process- ing. Runoff of nitrates and nitrites, from fields sprayed with chemical fertilizers, get into aquifers and wells; and, when people drink the water, it can lead to cancer.

  • Yes, aluminum cookware is a type of “food

additive!” Throw it all away. It is poisonous to your body. It is outlawed in Sweden; outlaw it in your kitchen. Aluminum is a poison, and also a rela- tively soft metal. Particles of it gradually melt into the food you are cooking. That is why it remains so shiny inside!

  • Use only stainless steel or glassware for

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